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Nestlé Drumstick in Periscope first as brand supports live stream

Nestlé Drumstick in Periscope

Nestlé Drumstick is the first brand to use newly launched video platform Periscope to run a live stream with paid media support, in a US social media marketing campaign to mark the first day of summer.

Periscope is a social media platform that lets users broadcast live videos to followers, who can comment in real time and send ‘hearts’ that flutter up on the screen. Since Periscope accounts are linked to Twitter, it posts links that alert users to real-time broadcasts. The broadcasts are also available to replay for 24 hours after each live stream ends, after which they disappear.

Ice cream brand Nestlé Drumstick used Periscope to live stream ‘iconic summer moments’ on June 21, including backyard barbecues and a visit to an amusement park. Four ‘influencers’ also created their own Periscope broadcasts, and the brand used Twitter to amplify its campaign.

Videos on the Nestlé Drumstick Periscope Channel generated more than 5,000 views and more than 50,000 hearts in just over 12 hours, while influencer broadcasts generated 1,500 views and more than 64,000 hearts.

In addition to the Periscope campaign, Nestlé recently launched a new global digital campaign with Google, to help consumers find the top trending YouTube videos on their mobile phones while having a KitKat break.

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