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Nestlé Fitness spotlights breast cancer awareness month with new video


With Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Nestlé Fitness has launched a new Bra Cam video campaign to raise awareness about the leading cancer in women globally.

Nestlé Fitness, the brand that brought you the tweeting bra campaign in 2013, has provided a new twist to its campaign awareness tactics by fitting out a volunteer, Eloise Oliver, with a bright pink bra-top embedded with a hidden camera.

The camera captures wandering eyes of men and women alike as Oliver goes about her day and ends with a call to action: ‘Your breasts are checked out every day. So when was the last time you checked your own? Checking your breasts regularly helps prevent breast cancer. #CheckYourSelfie

“The new video was launched as part of the company’s annual Pink Ribbon commitment to build awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds in partnership with local charities in more than 20 communities where Nestlé Fitness operates,” said Nicolas Guillon, Global Marketing Manager Fitness & Portfolio Promotions, Cereal Partners Worldwide.

The campaign emphasises the importance of regular breast self-examination as an important preventive measure in the fight against breast cancer, the foremost cancer in women in the developed and developing world. Early detection plays a key role in controlling breast cancer outcome and survival.

Nestlé Fitness has strongly supported the Pink Ribbon cause for the last five years. Go behind the scenes to see how the latest campaign was executed.

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