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Nestlé Purina launches world-first recyclable flexible pouch for wet pet food

Felix pet food

Nestlé Purina introduced the first recyclable flexible pouch for its Felix wet pet food.

This new pouch addresses a key challenge of simplifying plastic structures in order to make them recyclable, without compromising on the functionalities of food-grade packaging.

Packaging made of polypropylene (PP) can be recycled in existing plastic recycling streams in the Netherlands where this product is being launched as a pilot program.

The pilot will take place from September 2020 for a year with the Netherlands' largest retailer Albert Heijn.

Nestlé Purina Petcare EMENA CEO Bernard Meunier said, "We want to contribute to creating a world where pets and people can thrive, and initiatives like this support our goal of offering food that is good for pets, and the planet. This latest innovation on Felix pouch is a significant step forward in our drive to deliver recyclable or reusable packaging on all of our products by 2025."

Read the full press release on the website of Nestlé Purina and Nestlé Netherlands