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Leading the way on corporate transparency: Nestlé's latest report on breastmilk substitutes marketing practices


Nestlé published today its annual compliance report (pdf, 4Mb) on its Policy on the responsible marketing of breastmilk substitutes - BMS. The report is based on compliance monitoring activities and virtual audits undertaken in the context of the global pandemic in 2020.

The report provides insight on Nestlé's robust WHO Code compliance system and highlights that when cases of non-compliance are discovered, Nestlé takes swift actions to address them.

Leanne Geale, Head of Group Legal, Corporate Governance and Compliance, said: "Nestlé values the trust our consumers place in us, and we seek to maintain this trust through our commitment to a strong ethical culture. Nestlé actively encourages employees, business partners and stakeholders to report non-compliant behavior so we can act decisively and prevent their recurrence."

Nestlé has strengthened its system to report compliance concerns, launching Speak Up, a single global internal and external reporting channel for non-compliance concerns and questions and is independently operated by a third party to ensure anonymity.

The company acknowledges that practices within and out of its sphere of influence, such as those implemented by its employees, distributors’ staff, and the interaction with the healthcare workers, remain areas of vigilance.

WHO Code compliance is everyone's responsibility – BMS companies, governments, civil society organizations, health care practitioners, distributors and retailers all have role to play. Nestlé will continue to leverage its network of experts to continuously educate and train its employees and third-party staff on the importance of implementing the WHO Code.

Staying true to its values rooted in respect, Nestlé supports the aim of the WHO Code to protect and promote optimum infant and child health and nutrition.

Download: Leading the way: Responsible Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes 2020 Report (pdf, 4Mb)