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Nestlé joins the new Ellen MacArthur Foundation Food initiative

Nestlé today joined the pioneering project launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to develop circular economy solutions associated with today’s food system.

The launch of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Food initiative follows the publication of its report Cities and Circular Economy for Food, at the World Economic Forum in January 2019. The report concluded that to meet the dietary needs of a growing global population, while restoring biodiversity and addressing the climate crisis, the food system requires fundamental redesign.

In three Flagship Cities – London, New York, and São Paulo – the Foundation will lead major food system projects to demonstrate how a circular economy vision for food can be achieved at scale. It is the first time cities and companies have come together in this way. The three-year initiative is supported by Philanthropic Partner Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The Food initiative will develop solutions in line with a vision of a circular economy for food based on three principles:

Source food grown regeneratively, and locally where appropriate. Producing food regeneratively to rebuild the health of the natural world, rather than degrade it.

Make the most of food. Food is grown, processed, transported, prepared, and by-products managed, in ways that benefit the health of people and natural systems. Food is designed to cycle, so by-products from one enterprise can help to improve soil health.

Design and market healthier food products. Waste is designed out and food products are created to not only be healthy from a nutritional standpoint, but in the way they are produced.

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