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Sweet Earth launches plant-based hot dogs and new Awesome Burger with fava and hemp

Sweet Earth Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs

Just in time for grilling season, Sweet Earth is announcing the release of their first ever Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs and the new and improved Sweet Earth Awesome Burger 2.0 in the United States.

With the juicy taste of a classic ballpark-style frank, Sweet Earth Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs are made using a pea and potato protein base. They deliver an authentic hot dog experience and grill beautifully or sizzle satisfyingly in a skillet, making them the perfect flavorful vegan and sustainable swap for the summer.

The updated Sweet Earth Awesome Burger 2.0 will be the first plant-based burger on the market to use a mix of pea and fava in addition to hemp protein as its base. The use of these proteins allows Sweet Earth to deliver a beefier texture and more authentic burger experience.

Sweet Earth also recently announced the release of a new plant-based Jerky in two flavors, Spicy Kung Pao and Sweet Korean BBQ. The move into the snacking aisle is meeting the demand for unique savory snack options.

The improved Awesome Burger 2.0, vegan jumbo hot dogs and other Sweet Earth plant-based innovations are developed by their culinary teams in collaboration with Nestlé's R&D Center for food in Ohio, U.S., and Nestlé's global R&D network.

With proprietary technologies and Nestlé's unmatched plant protein expertise, the teams develop plant-based innovations with the right taste, texture and juiciness, that are also nutritious.

Nestlé continues to use its plant protein expertise and its innovation capacity to offer people around the world even more great plant-based options. The company is going 'beyond the bun' to create local dishes, dairy alternatives, coffee mixes and confectionery. In recent months, it has launched plant-based food and dairy-free Milo in Asia, a new dairy alternative for Europe, plant-based lattes in Japan and a vegan KitKat.

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