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Pregnancy and maternal nutrition

During pregnancy, a mother dedicates her physical resources to the future arrival, and growing babies rely on their mothers for everything they need to develop. That is why a mother’s diet before and during these nine months is vitally important, for both herself and the baby.

For example, a pregnant woman needs 50% more folic acid, zinc, and the vitamins A and B12, to create an environment that will best support her baby’s growth and nervous system development.

The 140 million women who give birth globally each year all run the risk of developing nutrient deficiencies. Half of them are nutritionally unprepared for pregnancy, with under-nutrition and obesity as the key issues.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet greatly reduces the risk of developing such non-communicable diseases, which is why Nestlé promotes balanced nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers.


We’ve developed specific supplements for mothers called Materna, designed to provide them with key vitamins, minerals and DHA protein. Products are also enriched with folic acid – a key vitamin for a healthy pregnancy that plays a vital role in cell and maternal tissue growth. It also reduces the risk of neural tube defects.

Good dietary and lifestyle habits during pregnancy will help bring out the best in both mother and baby. Together we can help to give babies the best start in life.