Responsible advertising to children

Nestlé for Healthier Kids program

Nestlé follows strict standards regarding advertising and marketing to children. We want all kids to have a healthy start in life and don’t advertise to children under six. We only market foods and beverages to older children (aged 6-12) that are part of a nutritious and balanced diet. These products must meet the EU Pledge Nutrition Criteria, under our Policy on Marketing Communication to Children (pdf, 5Mb).

Under our policy, we do not market biscuits, sugar, chocolate confectionery, water-based beverage products with added sugars and ice creams to children under 12. Online, we do not solicit or collect personal data from children below the age of 13, as per our Privacy Policy.

We have regular audits to ensure we follow our Policy. For example, the Marketing to Children Compliance Assessment conducted in India in 2019 (pdf, 5Mb), in Russia in 2020 (pdf, 2Mb) and in Brazil in 2021 (pdf, 1Mb). In addition, in the European Union, the EU pledge and the European Advertising Standard Alliance (EASA) monitor Nestlé compliance to Marketing to Children standards on TV (pdf, 1Mb) and websites/social media (pdf, 2Mb) on a yearly basis.

What about Nestlé products sold in schools?

Our policy covers marketing in schools to help children aged 6-12 achieve a healthy balanced diet. Any products sold to primary schools must meet the EU Pledge Nutrition Criteria, other regionally or nationally agreed pledges, or the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation (pdf, 1Mb) – whichever is stricter.

How do you encourage kids to eat well and exercise?

Our global program, Nestlé for Healthier Kids, reached 29 million children in 86 countries in 2018. Through it we run programs and online services to give parents and caregivers nutritional knowledge, healthy recipes and tips.

For example, in Germany the Maggi Kochstudio gives parents support to cook homemade meals every day, while well-established MILO grassroots programs have helped 20 million kids worldwide enjoy sports, and are compliant on our Policy outlined above.

How can you justify using licensed characters like the Nesquik bunny?

We only use licensed characters, celebrity endorsements and premiums primarily appealing to kids aged 6 to under 12 to promote healthy, active lifestyle. We don’t use them for sweet and savory biscuits, sugar or chocolate confectionery, water-based beverages with added sugars and ice creams.

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