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Responsible marketing to children

Nestlé for healthier kids

Nestlé has been taking voluntary measures on responsible marketing to children for many years:

  • We are one of the first major food and beverage companies to restrict paid media advertising to children under the age of 16. These restrictions apply to categories such as confectionery, ice-cream and water-based beverages with added sugars. 
  • We do not direct any marketing communication to children under 6 years. 

Do you advertise your products to children on social media? What about influencers?

We restrict paid media advertising to children under 16 years on all advertising channels, including television, social media, gaming, and events. Our policy also applies to partnership with influencers, and we do not contract influencers below 18 years. 

In addition, we do not collect personal data from minors below 18 years for marketing communication purpose.

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