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What is Nestlé doing to restrict marketing of food and beverages to children?

Nestlé follows strict standards regarding advertising and marketing to children. We want all children to have a healthy start in life and do not advertise to children under six years of age.

We only market foods and beverages to older children (aged 6-12) that are part of a nutritious and balanced diet. These products must meet the EU Pledge Nutrition Criteria, under our Policy on Marketing Communication to Children (pdf, 5Mb).

Under our policy, we do not market biscuits, sugar and chocolate confectionery to children. From January 2018, we will add more products to this list.

What is Nestlé’s policy towards marketing foods and beverages in schools?

Our policy on marketing to children covers marketing in schools to help children aged 6-12 achieve a healthy balanced diet. Any products sold to primary schools must meet the EU Pledge Nutrition Criteria, other regionally or nationally agreed pledges, or the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation (pdf, 1Mb) – whichever is stricter. The adherence to our policy is audited by independent and recognized audit firms: please read the Marketing to Children Compliance Assessment conducted in India in 2019 (pdf, 5Mb).

How do you encourage nutrition and physical activity in schools?

Nestlé Healthy Kids is our global programme that reaches over 8 million children a year in 84 countries. We work with partner organisations to raise nutrition and health knowledge among schoolchildren, encourage them to eat healthily and be active.

We also encourage physical activity through our brands. For example, Milo has run grassroots sports programmes approved by national authorities for more than 30 years to inspire millions of children to get into sports. This initiative is designed to encourage kids to enjoy the positive experience of physical education and activity early in life, and is compliant with our policy on marketing to children.

Why does your FC Barcelona partnership include Milo and Nesquik?

We’re partnered with FC Barcelona to promote healthier lifestyle and physical activity to children. Milo runs grassroots sports programmes for 22 million children across the world, and the partnership includes Nesquik in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Both Milo and Nesquik promote healthy eating, active play and physical activity, and their nutritional profiles are compliant with recognised nutritional criteria.

How do you defend your use of characters like the Nesquik bunny?

We only use Nestlé characters to promote healthy and active lifestyles to children under 12. Historically, we’ve used characters to help distinguish our products from those made by competitors.

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