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Supporting healthy nutrition


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 650 million adults globally were obese in 2016 – almost triple the number in 1975 – while over 340 million children aged 5-19 were overweight or obese.

Nestlé is helping to tackle obesity by offering tastier and healthy choices for kids and families, inspiring people to lead healthier lives and building, sharing and applying nutrition knowledge.

We are continuously improving the nutritional profile of our products by adding more whole grains, proteins and fibers while reducing sugars, sodium and saturated fats - without compromising taste.

We are addressing the problem of under-nutrition or malnutrition by adding micronutrients to foods and beverages in countries where there are known deficiencies.

The Nestlé for Healthier Kids program brings together all our efforts to support parents and caregivers to raise healthier kids and to inspire children themselves.

Nestlé is committed to providing clear nutritional information on all our packs, at point-of-sale and online, and to offering food portion guidance. Through our marketing we promote healthy cooking, eating and lifestyles. We only market foods and beverage to older children, and only products that are part of a nutritious, balanced diet.

Nestlé ranked first in the 2021 Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI), which rates the world’s largest food and beverage companies on their nutrition-related commitments and performance across seven categories: governance, products, accessibility, marketing, lifestyles, labelling and engagement.

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