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What is Nestlé doing about obesity?

As the world’s largest food company, we have a tremendous opportunity- as well as responsibility- to support the health and nutrition of families and communities.

We provide over one billion servings of foods and beverages to people across the globe every day.

Every year we are reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat in our foods and beverages, and increasing the amount of wholegrain, fruits, vegetables, legumes. We also add relevant micronutrients to foods and beverages in countries where there are known deficiencies.

Nestlé is on the top three companies on the Access to Nutrition Index which ranks the world’s largest food and beverage companies on their nutrition-related commitments and performance across seven categories: governance, products, accessibility, marketing, lifestyles, labelling and engagement.

How do you help people understand more about portion size?

Over the years average serving sizes have also increased. Portion control has been identified as one of the most cost-effective measures to combat obesity.

We are committed to helping modify portion size norms and encourage consumers to adopt smaller portion sizes. This requires innovative solutions both in our products and on the packaging. Through our programmes and practical on-pack portion guidance, we aim to help consumers make better choices about portion sizes.

What research do you do on nutrition?

We work with nutrition and public health experts to promote good nutrition, appropriate choices and healthy lifestyles. Nestlé is committed to applying our nutritional knowledge and extensive research network to help improve people’s lives. Our nutrition researcher work alongside leading academic institutions to advance collective knowledge, improve our offerings and push our company and our industry to address nutrition challenges.

Establishing good feeding habits in childhood is critical to maintaining healthy eating habits later in life. Nestlé strives to lead the industry in nutrition and health research in this field. One important element of this is understanding what influences children’s diet, lifestyle and health. We do this through a series of studies that help us develop nutritious foods and beverages for infants and children.

What other measures are you taking to help people be healthier?

Health and wellbeing cannot be considered solely on an individual level. Without health being engrained in communities and societies, individuals will not be able to adopt healthier lifestyles. Our community programmes and efforts span several programmes and areas — from nutrition and physical activity to hydration to breastfeeding — to help people have the support they need to live healthier lives.

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