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Scam emails and fake Nestlé campaigns

person checking message on smartphone

There are fraudulent emails and fake campaigns circulating on the internet from people pretending to represent Nestlé.

Some emails claim that you have won a competition, or will receive a special prize. Others encourage you to apply for non-existent jobs at Nestlé or complete a recruitment assessment. In other cases, fraudsters provide actual job contracts with false signatures from members of our executive board. In return the requester asks you to provide your personal details, and in some cases, money. We are also aware of fake or compromised LinkedIn profiles, created for the same purpose.

These are hoaxes. Please ignore any request to send your personal details. We would never operate in this way.

If you have received or are aware of this type of communication and have concerns, please report it to us via [email protected]. This will allow us to pursue potential legal options against fraudsters.