Meeting the body's nutritional needs

Nurse using Sondalis NESTLÉ SONDALIS DIABETES: A complete liquid diet product for enteral tube feeding of patients with hyperglycaemia

The Nestlé healthcare nutrition range of products offers complete nutritional solutions for people with specific illnesses, disease states or ageing-related nutritional needs. Our nutrition solutions are designed with the benefit of:

  • strong scientific research
  • in-depth understanding of consumers and healthcare providers
  • Nestlé food expertise and nutritional focus.

For all products - including oral supplements - we strive to offer high quality and great tasting products that provide clinically proven benefits to those with special nutritional needs. 

Our expertise and reach includes retailers and healthcare organisations such as hospitals, nursing homes and home care services. 

We offer products to support six key healthcare areas:

1. Ageing care - Solutions that help maintain the functionality and independence of patients. We work with healthcare professionals to support early diagnosis of nutritional risk and intervention needs to address weight loss and age related disease issues. Brands include: Boost, Nutren, Resource.

In addition, Nestlé Nutrition has developed the Mini-Nutritional Assessment - a clinically supported screening tool to help assess an elderly person’s nutritional status. Visit MNA-Ederly website

2. Critical care - gastro-intestinal and surgery – With early use of specialized nutrition, the gut can better act as an immune organ and protective barrier to infection. This can dramatically change patient outcomes and reduce the length of hospital stays. Brands include: Impact, Peptamen.

3. Diabetes - A range of nutritional solutions to help patients more effectively manage diabetes and minimise common side effects. This means keeping blood glucose levels in the target range, controlling blood lipids and monitoring blood pressure to reduce the risk of complications. At the same time, people with diabetes are strongly advised to adopt a healthier lifestyle incorporating regular exercise, a balanced diet, reduced stress and no smoking. Brands include: Boost, Nutren, Resource.

4. Obesity - Nestlé Nutrition developed the Optifast Programme as a comprehensive, medically monitored weight loss programme that is clinically proven to help people lose weight and keep it off for the long term. The programme combines the expertise of physicians, registered dieticians and behavioural counsellors with a high-quality, calorie-controlled, nutritional formula.  Key brand: Optifast

5. Oncology - The incidence of malnutrition in cancer patients ranges from 40% to 80%; even a 5% loss in body weight can negatively affect a patient’s response to treatment and chances of recovery. Under the guidance of dieticians, the main objectives of nutritional support are to increase energy and nutrient intake, tackle problems which restrict food intake, and identify when further support measures are needed. Key brand: Resource.

6. Pediatrics - Our product range addresses the issue of eating disorders amongst young patients who cannot tolerate a standard diet or are recovering from an illness. In addition, within the hospital setting, we provide solutions for patients with severe allergy and gastro-intestinal impairment. Brands include: Alfaré, Althéra, Boost Kid Essentials, Carnation Breakfast Essentials, Modulen, Peptamen Junior.

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