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Nestlé needs YOUth, our global youth initiative

Helping 10 million young people worldwide access economic opportunities by 2030

Global initiative: Nestlé needs YOUth

Employability is a key ingredient of social development, especially employability of younger generations. However, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), two out of every five young people are unfortunately either unemployed or have a job that keeps them in poverty.

We believe that communities cannot thrive if they fail to offer a future for younger generations. That is why we are determined to help young people develop their skills so that they can find jobs or create their own businesses.

This will help build thriving, resilient communities and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Developing youth helps our business too, because young people are the employees who will keep our company dynamic and competitive, the farmers who will grow the crops we need, and the entrepreneurs who will help us reach new markets.


Three areas of action

In 2013, we launched the Nestlé needs YOUth initiative, which we expanded in 2017 to encompass our entire value chain – from operations and supply, to agriculture and innovation. By doing so, we are supporting our ambition to help 10 million young people worldwide access economic opportunities by 2030.

Working towards our 2030 ambition, we're focusing on three key areas:

  • Employment and employability
  • Agripreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship

Employment and employability

We help to equip young people with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplaces by providing apprenticeships and training opportunities, and by hiring young people.


By providing apprenticeships and training opportunities, and hiring young people – like Pieter-Jan in Belgium – we are helping to equip them with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace.

By 2020 we’ve committed to:

  • Offering 45,000 to 50,000 apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities worldwide
  • Providing 20,000 to 25,000 job opportunities for young people under 30 every year
  • Organising ‘readiness for work’ events for young people across the world
  • Collaborating more closely with external partners, to motivate them to join us and increase the impact of our initiative

Check out our commitment to youth employment and employability.

Search for jobs, apprenticeships & internships.



The future of food relies on farmers. Therefore, we inspire, train and enable young farmers to develop necessary knowledge, skills and nurture entrepreneurial spirit to sustainably manage their ‘future’ farms.


With less than 5% of farmers worldwide under 35, jobs in agriculture are attracting fewer young people at a time when the world’s population is rapidly growing. We’re helping to inspire, train and enable the next generation of 'agripreneurs' – to give them the knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial spirit they need to manage farms in the 21st century.

In 2012, we started the Nestlé agripreneurship programme, to help young agripreneurs like Shaukat in Pakistan develop their skills through 'Farmer Connect'. Through this programme we source agricultural materials directly from around 685,000 farmers.

We’re also crowdsourcing great ideas to help young farmers thrive, through channels like our open innovation platform [email protected]é

Read about our commitment to improving farm economics.



Young entrepreneurs need all the support they can get – their vision, products and services can have the power to change the world for the better. We identify and nurture business talent in young people and help them start and grow their business.


Entrepreneurs are not only the innovators who will help us find solutions to the business challenges of the future, they will also help us to reach new markets and consumers sustainably.

We’re identifying and nurturing business talent in young people like Wasiu Adeyeye in Central West Africa, through initiatives such as Nescafé’s 'My Own Business', or the Social Investment Accelerator that we recently launched with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – to help young social entrepreneurs gain access to finance.


Our impact

We want our initiatives to create long-lasting impact. That is why we measure the value of our Nestlé needs YOUth initiative to Nestlé and to the society. Find out more in these reports.

Download our Creating Shared Value Progress Report