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Protecting workers and children

Training outside in Africa

Our commitment

Improve workers’ livelihoods and protect children in our agricultural supply chain


We recognize that some people are more vulnerable to exploitation than others, so we focus extra resources on protecting and uplifting them.

Demonstrating our commitment

We have worked hard to bring about significant changes in the lives of workers and children in global agricultural supply chains through our investments in impactful programs and trusted local partnerships.

For example, tens of thousands of children have been positively impacted by our work to tackle child labor. Through our due diligence processes and efforts to raise awareness, countless more children will stay in school instead of working on farms.

Our progress is rooted in an approach that supports not just the child, but their family. From programs that empower women to earn and diversify household incomes to those centered on refurbishing schools, our interventions are community-wide to maximize the chances of lasting change.

73000 +

Receiving recognition for CLMRS

Global best practice is always evolving. But no matter how fast it changes, we keep pace. That is why it is important to us when credible global organizations validate the work we do.

We were encouraged when the Fair Labor Association (FLA) published a report in October 2020 evaluating our Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation System (CLMRS) efforts in Côte d’Ivoire. The report assessed whether cocoa farmers, workers and their families believe they benefit from our CLMRS and how it is impacting child labor.

The FLA report confirms the progress we’ve made on key areas such as transparency, raising awareness of child labor, increasing school attendance and providing income-generating activities.