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Feb 28, 2018

Inauguration of demo boat, a milestone in Thai fishing industry

Inauguration of demo boat, a milestone in Thai fishing industry

Nestlé and Thai Union today officially inaugurated a demonstration boat, marking an important milestone in the collaborative efforts to address the complex issue of labour and human rights abuses in the Thai fishing industry.

After a successful launch of the demonstration boat in December 2017, 83 boat owners, captains and crews have taken part in training sessions in the Thailand’s provinces of Trat and Pattani.

Both companies, in collaboration with Vérité, refurbished a traditional Thai fishing boat, transforming it into a vessel demonstrating good living and working conditions.

This includes adequate and clean food and drinking water, appropriate rest, dining and leisure areas on board, first-aid kit, and toilet facilities with proper sanitation standards.

More training sessions will take place throughout the year. The Thailand Department of Fisheries will manage the continuation of this programme in the long-term.

This programme is part of Nestlé’s Action Plan (pdf, 500 Kb) for responsible sourcing of seafood.

Read the press release (pdf, 1 Mb).

Watch the video on YouTube.

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