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Nestlé joined forces with regional partners to launch 'Alliance for YOUth' in sub-Saharan Africa

group of young people

Today, Nestlé and its regional partners have announced the launch of the ‘Regional Alliance for YOUth’ in sub-Saharan Africa. This joint effort is part of the company’s business-driven movement ‘Alliance for YOUth’ with a focus on creating and implementing employability programs, mentorship and training designed to equip young people with essential workplace skills.

This launch comes at a time when young people face significant challenges. Today’s youth is the largest the world has ever seen. According to the United Nations, young people aged 15-24 account for one out of every six people globally, with 20% of the total youth population living in Africa alone. This demographic trend goes along with increased unemployment rate among youth. In sub-Saharan Africa, it reached nearly 30% in 2016, as a report by the International Labour Organization shows. Without a concerted action, it is expected that nearly 50% of youth in the region will be unemployed by 2025.

The 'Regional Alliance for YOUth’ was formally introduced in Côte d’Ivoire today. It will also be launched in Angola and South Africa on October 31st and November 4th respectively. The initial ‘Alliance for YOUth’ was founded by Nestlé in Europe in 2014 and ever since rolled out over several geographical regions.

Read the full press release (pdf, 400Kb)