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Jan 06, 2015

Nestlé Health Science completes investment in Seres Health Inc.

Nestlé Health Science completes investment in Seres Health

Nestlé Health Science has completed a CHF 65.6 million investment in Seres Health Inc.

Seres Health Inc., based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, is a leading microbiome therapeutics company that is developing a novel class of biological drugs designed to treat diseases by restoring the function of the microbiome. The microbiome consists of around 100 trillion microorganisms that live in the body and perform a variety of functions, including supporting the immune system.

This investment is aligned with our ambition to advance the role of novel therapeutics in health care by leveraging external investment opportunities.

In addition to the investment in Seres Health, Nestlé Health Science has entered into a strategic innovation partnership with Flagship Ventures, a leading venture capital and venture creation firm focused on innovations in healthcare and sustainability. Flagship Ventures is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

For more information about the announcements, please visit the Nestlé Health Science website, or contact Marie-Françoise Rütimeyer at Nestlé Health Science.

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