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Nestlé Purina boosts innovative, sustainable home delivery in Chile

sustainable home delivery

In Chile, Nestlé Purina started a pilot for an innovative bulk delivery system for its Purina Dog Chow products. In partnership with the Algramo Certified B company, a social company focusing on reusable packaging, Nestlé Purina now offers a new shopping experience in which a mobile app and electric tricycles are at the core of the service.

The mobile app is easy to use: The pet owner simply selects one of two Purina Dog Chow products and chooses the time and day for delivery. One of three electric tricycles circulating in 8 communes of the Chilean capital Santiago will then deliver the pet food to the consumer's front door. The Algramo salesperson will help the consumer to select the desired quantity on the screen – and the product will be dispensed into a reusable and refillable container.

The containers are equipped with a chip connected to the digital platform and the consumer's individual account, enabling an efficient and reliable delivery and payment system.

Through this initiative, Nestlé aims to reduce plastic packaging and promote the culture of shopping using reusable containers as a good sustainable practice. It is estimated that a consumer can save up to 10 grams of plastic per kilo purchased. On top of that, by using electric vehicles to distribute the pet food, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced.

Read the full press release in Spanish

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