Feb 25, 2014

Orange Smarties are the only sweet

Bride Karen Barrett with her bridesmaids, enjoying the special orange Smarties

Nestlé UK recently helped one wedding party add a splash of colour and even more sweetness to their Big Day by providing them with thousands of specially ordered orange Smarties.

Just a week before Peter and Karen Barrett were due to tie the knot in the UK, the brother of the bride asked if there was any way that Nestlé could help him source the orange sugar-covered buttons as a surprise. He discovered that these were the chief bridesmaid’s favourite sweet and knew it would put a smile on everyone’s face. As luck would have it, the production cycle at Nestlé’s Hamburg Smarties factory meant that they were able to meet the request and a special delivery of freshly made orange Smarties were sent directly to the wedding party, just in time.

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