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Nestlé launches luxury dog food in Brazil

small dog 

Purina has launched a new super-premium dog food for the thriving petfood market in Brazil, a country with 36 million pet dogs - the second highest number in the world.

Purina Revena contains typically Brazilian ingredients, including native superfoods such as coconut, acerola cherries and jaboticaba berries, as well as prebiotics, high quality proteins, fibre and brown rice. Purina Revena also comes in varieties for the small breed dogs that are especially popular in the country.

The product, which has taken some two years and millions of dollars of research to develop, is the first Purina dog food product developed solely for an emerging market.

According to industry figures, the petfood category in Brazil has grown 39% over the last three years, helping Nestle Purina Brazil to achieve double-digit growth last year.

Purina Revena will be sold exclusively via specialist channels, including vets practices, that account for more than 70% of the total petfood market in Brazil, according to Euromonitor.