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children enjoying Nespray in Sri Lankan
HEALTHIER PRODUCTS: Sri Lankan school children enjoying Nespray – a locally-sourced, fortified, affordable milk product

At Nestlé, quality goes well beyond the product itself. Throughout the world and across Nestlé brands, we’re involved in a broad range of social and environmental initiatives that together make quite a difference. Actually, it’s how we’ve always done business at Nestlé. It is what we call Creating Shared Value. The health of our company is intrinsically linked to the health and resilience of the society we operate in; this is why Nestlé’s purpose is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

Our focus areas are firmly embedded in our purpose. Individuals and families, our communities and the planet as a whole are interconnected, and our efforts in each of these areas are supported through our 42 specific commitments, the vast majority of which have been reframed and feature objectives to 2020. These commitments will, in turn, enable us to meet our ambitions for 2030 in line with the timescale of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

a man is carrying a pack of Nestlé Waters Resizrce bottles
PACKAGING IMPROVEMENT: Nestlé Waters ReSource bottles are made with 25% recycled PET

Our positive impact on society focuses on enabling healthier and happier lives for individuals and families, on helping the development of thriving and resilient communities and finally, on stewarding the planet’s natural resources for future generations, with particular care for water.

Individuals and families

Today we support individuals and their families with tastier and healthier choices. We know how important it is that people can enjoy a healthy diet so we are reducing salt, sugar and saturated fats in our products. We are also adding more wholegrains, fibre and vegetables. In countries where it is needed we fortify our products with essential nutrients, helping people to eat healthier.

We also want to inspire people to live healthier lives. We support them with clear labels and portion guidance. We help millions of children develop good eating habits, learn about a healthy diet and enjoy exercise.

We are building, sharing and applying our nutritional knowledge, and contributing to a healthier future. We firmly believe that nutrition has a role to play in helping manage and treat disease and we have teams of researchers focused on how to achieve this.

a cocoa and coffee farmer
HELPING FARMERS: Nestlé supports training to help cocoa and coffee farmers improve their crop quality and environmental sustainability

Our communities

Our ambition to improve 30 million livelihoods and develop thriving communities starts with education. We believe children should be in school, and be able to get an education. We also believe in supporting women and girls to be economically and socially active, so they can be successful and independent. So we work with local groups and partners, particularly in rural areas, to support farmers and their families with training and access to education for children to help them build a brighter future.

But communities cannot thrive without the input of the younger generations. We want to help equip the next generation for employment, or to become entrepreneurs wherever they live. So we work with businesses to provide training and job opportunities, and ensure young people can gain skills and make a positive contribution. It creates shared value for our company and our communities.

Nestlé began as a family business in a small Swiss town over 150 years ago. This local approach still informs everything we do. Being part of the communities where we work means respecting the rights of those who work for us and with us. Respecting and promoting human rights is fundamental to our values, and we insist that our partners and suppliers uphold the same high standards that we do.