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Our impact

How we make an impact

Business benefits and positive social impact must be mutually reinforcing. This is the core of Creating Shared Value.

We believe that Creating Shared Value enables us to optimize value for our shareholders and have a long-term positive impact on all stakeholders connected to our business.

Stefan Palzer
Consumers are demanding healthier, natural and more authentic food products and are shifting toward a plant-based diet… We can only meet the needs of this growing population through disruptive innovation. This is why at Nestlé we have adopted a multi-faceted approach to how we innovate. Stefan Palzer, Chief Technology Officer, Nestlé S.A.

Taking open innovation to a new level through a multi-faceted approach

Jimmy Östholm
I see in Nespresso a strong commitment to sustainability, which is why this has been the dream partnership. We are proud to have co-created a bike that takes on the future. Jimmy Östholm, CEO and founder, Vélosophy

An afterlife for coffee capsules

Maryam Khalid
My country, Pakistan, faces acute water shortages and ranks fourth highest in the world in terms of water use. Nestlé Pakistan is supporting the communities we operate in by providing water and sanitation to over 60 000 people every day. Maryam Khalid, Assistant Public Affairs Manager, Nestlé Pakistan

Why clean water for communities makes what we’re doing worthwhile

Our bold ambitions for a better future
We believe in unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. We have three ambitions to help us do this.
Our ambitions

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