Mar 2, 2015

Nestlé Spain, Red Cross launch cookbook for healthy meals under 1 euro

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Low-income families with little access to healthy food will now have a helping hand from a cookbook created by Nestlé Spain and the Red Cross.

The book, titled "To eat well, good and cheap", features recipes developed by 12 famous Catalan chefs for healthy meals that cost less than one euro.

The recipes use seasonal, local food to better appeal to the local palette.

The Alicia Foundation, a non-profit organisation that promotes healthier eating, also contributed to the book with recipes for canned food.

Canned food is commonly consumed by families who depend on food donation programmes.

Eight-thousand copies of the book, produced in the Catalan and Spanish languages, are being distributed to families in the Red Cross’ food donation project and in school canteens.

The cookbook is part of the Red Cross’ Humanitarian Alliance for Infant Feeding programme, which aims to collect EUR 1 million this year to distribute food aid to 100,000 children.

Read the Nestlé Spain press release (in Spanish) and take a look at the cookbook (in Spanish)