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2022 Nestlé Investor Seminar

Performing while transforming

Investor Seminar 2022

The 2022 Nestlé Investor Seminar took place on Tuesday 29th November in Barcelona, Spain.


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Luca Borlini, Investor Relations
Video 00:02:21

Performing while transforming: how to thrive in the 2020s
Mark Schneider, Chief Executive Officer
Video 00:31:55 | Presentation (pdf, 1Mb) | Transcript (pdf, 268Kb)

Meaningful innovation to boost growth
Stefan Palzer, EVP, Chief Technology Officer
Video 00:34:12 | Presentation (pdf, 3Mb) | Transcript (pdf, 261Kb)

Accelerating our data-driven digital transformation
Bernard Meunier, EVP, Head of Strategic Business Units and Marketing and Sales
Aude Gandon, Global Chief Marketing Officer
Video 00:35:54 | Presentation (pdf, 3Mb) | Transcript (pdf, 260Kb)

Leading the world of coffee
David Rennie, Deputy EVP, Head of Nestlé Coffee Brands
Video 00:28:57 | Presentation (pdf, 3Mb) | Transcript (pdf, 248Kb)

Unlocking agility and productivity
Laurent Freixe, EVP, Chief Executive Officer Zone Latin America
Video 00:24:54 | Presentation (pdf, 1Mb) | Transcript (pdf, 246Kb)

Q&A morning session
Video 00:34:26

Shaping a leader in nutrition and health: Nestlé Health Science
Greg Behar, Deputy EVP, Chief Executive Officer Nestlé Health Science
Video 00:28:37 | Presentation (pdf, 2Mb) | Transcript (pdf, 208Kb)

A global leader in Consumer Care
Don Kerrigan, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé Health Science United States
Video 00:18:20 | Presentation (pdf, 1Mb) | Transcript (pdf, 233Kb)

Medical Nutrition: Solutions to address specific medical needs
Anna Mohl, Head of International Business, Nestlé Heath Science
Video 00:25:38 | Presentation (pdf, 2Mb) | Transcript (pdf, 200Kb)

Q&A Nestlé Health Science
Video 00:22:45 | Transcript (pdf, 190Kb)

Enhancing financial performance
François-Xavier Roger, EVP, Chief Financial Officer
Video 00:28:10 | Presentation (pdf, 1Mb) | Transcript (pdf, 214Kb)

Summary Q&A
Mark Schneider, Chief Executive Officer
François-Xavier Roger, EVP, Chief Financial Officer
Video 01:01:38 | Transcript (pdf, 315Kb)