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Helping coffee communities thrive

coffee farmer

More than a morning pick me up; for some people, coffee is life. So it's crucial we support the people who bring you your daily cup.

We work closely with over 200,000 coffee farmers worldwide through our global coffee sustainability programs like Nescafé Plan and Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality. These programs not only help these farmers thrive, but are part of our journey to regeneration.

We believe people and nature need to work in harmony. Which is why we enlist the expertise of over 600 agronomists around the world, to support coffee farmers for a more productive and sustainable harvest.

Since 2010 we’ve enabled over 900,000 farmer trainings on good agricultural practices for the farmers we work with. With the knowledge gained, they can improve efficiency and quality on their farms. With the help of these trainings, they are more informed and able to diversify their crops. This helps reduce economic risk and at the same time, improve biodiversity and reduce their environmental footprint, for example by utilizing more efficient irrigation methods.

Promoting gender equality

Many of the farmers we work with are women. Yet it is important to keep promoting better access to land, credit, and information for them. We’re on a journey to help on this.

We start by addressing gender biases. And we're committed to training our farming partners and agronomists to help advance the industry to be more diverse and equitable. We have reached 15,000 women in East Africa over the past 8 years benefiting them with knowledge on good farming practices, financial literacy, and leadership. They learn about better practices ranging from pruning and weeding, to mulching and harvesting, and also learn about how to best commercialize their crops.

With their new skillsets, these women can improve their income. Greater financial independence not only empowers the women themselves, but it helps lead the way for girls and women in the future.


The next generation of farmers

As well as supporting established farmers, we're passionate about future generations. We made a commitment to help ten million young people worldwide to access economic opportunities by 2030. As part of that commitment, we established Nescafé Youth and launched a Coffee Quality Competence Center in collaboration with the local government in Honduras.

This initiative gives young people a place to learn more about coffee production, good agricultural practices and coffee quality. They also acquire digital skills, business acumen and self-confidence which could lead towards better job opportunities or the start of their own business. Through this initiative, we’re committing to train up to 25,000 young people in Honduras by 2025 and we're expanding our youth trainings in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

All of these actions will support us on our regenerative journey. By engaging with young people, we want to unlock their creativity and innovation. We're giving them the tools to help them build more sustainable coffee growing models, uplift coffee production and foster the next generation of leaders in coffee communities.

young coffee farmers

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