Cereal Partners Worldwide

Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) is a joint venture which combines the expertise of two companies: Nestlé and General Mills.


Established in 1990, CPW employs 4'600 people and makes many of the world’s most popular breakfast cereals. The company has international reach, serving customers in more than 130 global markets.


Studies show the healthiest people are the ones who eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

expert reformulating recipes

To help you start your day right, CPW has created more than 50 different cereals, to offer a convenient, nutritious and tasty breakfast that’s perfect for you, whatever your age or lifestyle.


CPW’s philosophy is all about keeping things simple. Carefully selected wholegrains are the basis of all its breakfast cereals, and they are treated with care on their journey from field to fork. Nutrition is at the top of CPW’s agenda: as part of its commitment your improving your health, it is working to reduce sugar and salt across all its product lines.

Fitness cereal brand

Since CPW began making breakfast cereals, its range has grown to include new and exciting brands like Fitness and Chocapic alongside long-standing family favourites such as Cheerios and Nesquik.

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