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Key Figures

2021 consolidated in millions of CHF (except for data per share and employees)

Sales 87 088
Underlying Trading operating profit * 15 119
as % of sales 17.4%
Trading operating profit * 12 159
as % of sales 14.0%
Profit for the year attributable to shareholders of the parent (Net profit) 16 905
as % of sales 19.4%
Balance sheet and Cash flow statement
Total Equity 53 727
Net financial debt * 32 917
Ratio of net financial debt to total equity (gearing) 61.3%
Operating cash flow 13 864
as % of net financial debt 42.1%
Free cash flow * 8 715
Capital additions  12 977
as % of sales 14.9%
Data per share
Basic earnings per share 6.06
Underlying earnings per share * 4.42
Dividend 2.80 (b)
Stock prices (high) 128.90
Stock prices (low) 95.00
Yield (a) 2.2/2.9 (b)
Market capitalisation 351 682
Number of employees (in thousands) 276

* Certain financial performance measures that are not defined by IFRS, are used by management to assess the financial and operational performance of the Group. The 'Alternative Performance Measures' document published in Publications provides the definition of these non-IFRS financial performance measures.

(a) Calculated on the basis of the dividend for the year concerned, which is paid in the following year, and on high/low stock prices.
(b) As proposed by the Board of Directors of Nestlé S.A.

Find more information in the 2021 Financial Statements (pdf, 1 Mb)