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How can Nestlé eco freezers help tackle climate change?

eco freezer in a shop

See that eco freezer logo? It tells you that the freezer used to store your Nestlé ice cream contains natural refrigerants to keep it at the right temperature – and only uses half as much energy as freezers from 10 years ago.

Globally, we have spent more than CHF 10 million on eco-friendly freezers (that use only natural refrigerants), to store our frozen products. Nestlé has made a global commitment to buy only new ice cream freezers with natural refrigerants, everywhere in the world, where legally feasible.

Natural coolants include carbon dioxide, ammonia, water and air, as well as hydrocarbons like propane and iso-butane.These do not harm the ozone layer, and have no impact or a negligible impact on climate change.

Our freezers commitment forms part of our efforts to support the development and use of safe, efficient natural commercial refrigerants, and to phase-out hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) in our operations globally.

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