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Can you tell us more about your target to grow the sales of more nutritious products?

We have set an ambitious, company-wide target to grow the sales of our more nutritious products by CHF 20-25 billion by 2030, representing about 50% growth over 2022.1

Collectively, our products with a Health Star Rating (HSR) of 3.5 stars or more together with our specialized nutrition products, including baby foods, vitamin and mineral supplements and medical nutrition, already account for close to 60% of our food and beverage sales. Infant formula for children 0-12 months as well as our PetCare portfolio, which represents 19% of our sales and is one of our fastest-growing categories, are excluded from the target. 

We have three main levers to deliver on our target: 

  • Continue to invest in R&D to improve the nutritional value of our products.  
  • Expand affordable, plant-based, and nutritious offerings, notably for children and healthy ageing.  
  • Allocate significant marketing spend. 

1 The target assumes constant foreign exchange rates. Should any material acquisitions or divestitures take place, the target may be adjusted accordingly.

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