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How Nestlé is improving livelihoods in communities

Millions of people still live in extreme poverty. To help address this, we are committed to building resilient communities. We focus on supporting young people to navigate and overcome barriers to employment, as well as improving the livelihoods of the farmers and rural communities who provide our raw materials. We provide skills and opportunities to youth and farmers, and help rural communities diversify their income. Underpinning our work is a drive to promote human rights wherever we operate. This ensures that the communities we are helping build are fair, sustainable and provide dignified livelihoods for all.

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As a major employer and purchaser of raw materials, we have an important role to play in tackling global youth unemployment, supporting stable agricultural incomes and creating fair and inclusive workplaces.

Find out more about our global initiatives to help improve livelihoods and further human rights.

Global youth initiative

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Global Alliance for YOUth

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Nestlé Gender Balance Acceleration Plan

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Our expert says

We have worked relentlessly to embed the respect of human rights into our Corporate Business Principles and in 17 additional policies globally. This has helped us to translate the human rights language, which can be at times very technical, into practical and easy-to-understand requirements for our employees and business partners.

Yann Wyss
Yann Wyss Senior Public Affairs Manager – Social and Environmental Impact, Nestlé