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Creating shared value

For society

By taking action to tackle climate change, we are helping protect the livelihoods of the farmers who supply us. We are also contributing to safeguarding a healthy environment for people and planet alike, today and in the future.

For our business

By working to reduce our climate impact and encouraging those in our value chain to do the same, we are shielding our business against the impacts of climate change.

Why it matters

Once an abstract concept for many, the impacts of climate change are now impossible to ignore. From the farmers who supply us to the consumers who enjoy our products, everyone is affected by climate change.

To address the issue, we must work together, and we need to accelerate our efforts right away. As a global organization, Nestlé is stepping up to spur collective action and long-term engagement in climate policy.

Acting on climate change

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50 %
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Demonstrating our commitment

Before we use our voice to galvanize industry action, we must ensure we are setting the best example ourselves. We are determined to reduce our environmental footprint. We have significantly surpassed our emissions targets by harnessing renewable electricity sources and innovating how we do business.

Building on our successes, 2020 was a year of preparation for Nestlé. We developed new, ambitious goals for the future, and in December we announced a time-bound, targeted plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. We are also encouraging collective action and have joined other companies in calling for governments to pursue a more sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Nestlé was present at COP26 held Glasgow in November 2021 to advocate, communicate, and hear others' expectations of us when it comes to our part in addressing climate impacts across the globe. Find out more

We are launching Nestlé’s Net Zero Roadmap to cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and to reach net zero no later than 2050. We will use our size and scale as a force for good, changing how we source, produce and deliver our products. We will help 500 000 farmers embrace regenerative agriculture, switch to 100% renewable electricity and use the power of our brands to inspire change. We will champion regeneration.

Magdi Batato Head of Operations, Nestlé


Our contribution to the UN SDGs

Our work on acting on climate change contributes to the following SDGs:

SDG logos 7, 9, 12, 13, 15

How we map our material issues to the UN SDGs.