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Climate change leadership

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Our commitment

Provide climate change leadership


We lead the industry in action against climate change. We are limiting emissions, scrutinizing every area of our business and inspiring others to follow our example.

Demonstrating our commitment

We have achieved every objective we set in this area, an accomplishment we are very proud of. We are now building on these successes, further reducing our emissions and transitioning to 100% renewable electricity by 2025. Nearly half of all our electricity requirements are currently met by renewable options, with our Latin American and Western European markets closing in on the 100% milestone. We have also reduced direct emissions by 0.8% (versus 2010).

However, we know that to have real impact, we must tackle indirect emissions along our value chain as over 90% of emissions associated with Nestlé activities are produced outside our operations. In 2020, we joined forces with over 20 organizations to create the European Clean Trucking Alliance. Together, we are calling for transformational change to develop a carbon-free road freight industry in the EU.

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Making every cup of Nespresso carbon neutral

For over 10 years, our coffee brand Nespresso has been on a mission to fight climate change. This has involved developing innovative processes to cut operational emissions, while offsetting the remainder with agroforestry. As a result, Nespresso was a carbon-neutral operation by 2017.

Now the brand has committed to delivering 100% carbon-neutral coffee for at-home and professional customers by 2022. Reaching this goal will require going beyond direct emissions to dramatically reduce impacts throughout the supply chain and the product’s life cycle, from production to consumption.


Nestlé has set bold commitments to contribute to the Paris Climate Agreement. Our responsibility as a brand is to bring the agreement to life throughout our value chain, right down to our consumers, as soon as possible. This is the promise we have made to our consumers, worldwide, who will be able to enjoy a carbon-neutral cup of coffee by the end of 2022.

Julie Reneau Sustainability Strategy and Stakeholder Relationship Manager, Nespresso


Factories run on coffee

Creating coffee products requires a lot of energy, requirements which have historically been met by nonrenewable sources. Our Nescafé factory in Girona, Spain, is changing this, taking steps to transition to alternative, renewable fuels.

In a single year, the factory produces over 40 000 tonnes of coffee grounds. As much as 80% of this will be used to fuel a biomass boiler, which harnesses steam energy generated from burning the spent grounds. Replacing natural gas sources in this way will help avoid around 19 000 tonnes of CO2e every year.

The factory will achieve more than simply producing its own renewable energy. This process will also help build a more circular business by significantly reducing the amount of waste generated every year.

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Achieving 100% renewable electricity in Russia

Our Purina PetCare factory in Vorsino, in the Kaluga region of Russia, the largest Purina manufacturer in Europe, has been a 100% renewable electricity operation since May 2020.

To maintain this achievement, it has committed to source at least 50 million kWh of wind-generated electricity annually, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 20 000 tonnes. That is the same as taking nearly 4500 passenger cars off the road for an entire year.

This is not the Vorsino factory’s first environmental milestone. In 2017, it achieved zero waste to landfill. A year later, it had dramatically reduced the amount of packaging produced and set a goal of 100% recyclable packaging by 2025. The factory also announced in 2018 that it was upgrading an onsite wastewater treatment plant. Together, these efforts demonstrate an impressive holistic approach to environmental protection.


Combating climate change with the Cool Food Pledge

We feed our global workforce roughly 50 million meals every year through our on-site restaurants. Having signed up to the Cool Food Pledge in October 2020, more of those meals will include climate-friendly foods. This will help us achieve our Pledge commitment to cut a quarter of emissions related to the food served in our restaurants by 2030.

Our restaurants have promoted environmentally sustainable choices for many years, offering a range of plant-based and locally sourced options. This new initiative will make it easier for our employees to enjoy a menu of low-emission foods and have access to information on the impact of the ingredients.

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