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Creating shared value

For society

When everyone has good work that supports them, we all benefit from stronger economies and greater quality of life.

For our business

As a major business that relies on the talent of hundreds of thousands of employees globally, we do better when our colleagues are healthy, safe and motivated.

Why it matters

Society thrives on the energy and passion of young people. They are our innovators and future leaders, yet they often struggle to find secure employment (pdf, 7Mb), build their career skills or start their own business. We are a major employer and see ourselves as part of the communities we serve. That gives us the drive and resources to partner with others in ways that will help change the outlook for youth.

Even as we support young people to find employment, we want to offer opportunities to other under-represented groups as well. We use our own workplaces to lead by example on what good work looks like. That is why we have increased representation of women at all levels and support the wellbeing of over 268 350 employees globally.

Promoting decent employment and diversity

15 million
45 %


Demonstrating our commitments

We collaborate with hundreds of partners worldwide to boost youth employment and employability. Our Nestlé needs YOUth initiative helps young people through training, mentorships, professional development opportunities and skills enhancement.

Within our own workplaces, we are working to diversify the gender makeup of our operations and keep our employees safe and healthy. Today, 45% of our managers are women; and we have new commitments to increase the number of women in senior executive positions. As well as company-wide initiatives, our local offices also tailor their own impactful programs to increase workplace diversity. We support our LGBT+ employees to raise awareness of inclusivity, both internally and externally, including hosting local networks and highlighting personal stories on our website during Pride month.

Our contribution to the UN SDGs

Our work promoting decent employment and diversity contributes to the following SDGs:

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How we map our material issues to the UN SDGs.