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Empowering women

Employees walking together

Our commitment

Enhance gender balance in our workforce and empower women across the entire value chain


We serve the whole of society and do it better when our organization reflects its diversity. That means actively empowering women.

Demonstrating our commitment

From putting more women into top positions in our workplace to economically empowering those along our supply chain, we are helping more women join a global wave of change.

Internally, we are building a more diverse company, through our Gender Acceleration Plan. Launched in 2019, the plan aims to increase the proportion of women in our top 200 senior executive positions to 30% by 2022.

We have strengthened several of our policies and associated training programs to create truly inclusive workspaces, including our best practice parental leave policy and our robust training to prevent sexual harassment. We were recognized by the Bloomberg Equality Index for the second time for advancing the gender balance in our workplace and our transparent reporting.

Externally, we are working to change the economic outlook for women along our supply chain, including through initiatives that help women in agricultural communities diversify their incomes.

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Recognizing leaders

Ghazal Nemati ‒ Nestlé Iran’s Supplier & Agriculture Development Manager ‒ is no stranger to breaking barriers. As the driving force in getting large-scale dairy farms rapidly developed and producing infant grade quality milk, she has been a pioneer since she joined us.
In 2019, Ghazal was named among women leaders advancing sustainability in their company in the WBCSD Leading Women Awards. This prestigious honor is thanks to Ghazal’s work to advance water stewardship and biodiversity projects on the dairy farms.

Moreover, Ghazal has used her success to inspire other women to move into the dairy and agricultural sectors by leading several female empowerment programs.

empowering women

I always strive to be a pioneer in every facet of my life, and this attitude has enabled me to be the first female veterinarian on Nestlé Iran’s milk farms. I am also the first head of Agri Services in Nestlé Iran and the only woman to be in the factory leadership team. I am thrilled at what we accomplish and proud to be part of helping more women work on farms.

Ghazal Nemati Supplier & Agriculture Development Manager, Nestlé Iran


Celebrating Women’s Day

In recognition of International Women’s Day in March 2020, we held an internal webcast where top Nestlé leaders made their own personal commitments toward gender equity. To add to the celebrations, we extended the Parental Support Policy that was launched in 2019 to 49 new markets.

The policy was highlighted again on International Parents Day in July. It is available to all employees and provides an extra six weeks’ leave to primary caregivers. Additionally, the updated policy is gender neutral, enabling new parents to take parental leave in a way that best suits their family situation. We aim to have the policy active in all markets by 2022.