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Workplace health and safety

Factory employees

Our commitment

Advocate for healthy workplaces and healthier employees


We believe that ‘Good food, Good life’ starts with each and every one of us. The well-being of our employees has always been a key priority. Our aim is to inspire our employees to make informed decisions about their health, safety and well-being.

Demonstrating our commitment

We are a company that is committed to offering good nutrition, contributing to balanced lives and to supporting a thriving planet. We apply that same duty of care to the people behind our products. We believe healthy employees are happier, more engaged and the best ambassadors for our purpose and values.

To support them, in 2020 we reviewed our Employee Health Strategy, establishing our vision, principles and approach. We made good progress toward our commitment in 2020 through our three major global programs – Know Your Numbers (KYNP), #HealthyLives and Stress and Resilience.

We also actively participate in conferences with organizations such as the European Health Network to provide leadership. We remain committed to sharing our expertise and supporting key initiatives.

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Safeguarding healthy futures for employees

As the COVID-19 pandemic led to lockdowns, we wanted to inspire and empower our employees to embrace healthy habits and safeguard a healthier future for themselves, their families and our business. In late 2020, we launched a pilot to test the impact of healthy breaks that focus on physical activity. Our hope is that the projects will remove the stigma behind taking a break during working hours.

In the first pilot – operating in six countries – employees are being offered access to a dedicated webpage with guided exercises. The science-based breaks offer fun and motivating activities. These include mindfulness exercises and office yoga.

The second pilot includes an app with a variety of virtual activity challenges such as competing on steps, distance or active minutes. There are individual and team-based tasks, enabling employees to drive healthy lifestyle changes and have fun.

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Adapting to a new world

The COVID-19 pandemic completely transformed the requirements for safeguarding our employees. Since the start of the pandemic, we have encouraged remote working as much as possible. We have also given parents the flexibility to manage their family responsibilities alongside their professional obligations.

We have taken additional safety measures in our offices, factories and distribution centers, and asked employees not to travel internationally for business purposes. We have gone beyond the basic expectations to make working in our premises safe by offering additional support through testing campaigns, flu vaccination campaigns and other measures wherever feasible and applicable.

For essential staff who continue to work throughout lockdowns in factories and distribution centers, we offer free meals and transport. And for those who do contract the virus, we have put in place generous sick leave arrangements. We have also provided financial support for employees affected by temporary stoppages during the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, we have used #HealthyLives to build personal health awareness among employees. We have provided and promoted holistic health education content that covers physical activity, sleep, mental health and nutrition. Additionally, the focus on the mental health and well-being of employees was strengthened through customized communication and webinars offered to employees globally through different internal channels and platforms.