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Promoting sustainable consumption

Family recycling bottles

Our commitment

Provide meaningful and accurate environmental information and dialogue 


A growing number of consumers want to act more sustainably. We want to provide them with the tools and information to do so. With operations around the world, we can access millions of people, using our products and platforms to encourage more responsible habits.

Demonstrating our commitment

Every day, over a billion Nestlé products are sold globally. This makes them a valuable tool for telling our sustainability story. We are building brands with purpose, making the most of every opportunity to communicate with consumers through our products.

This ambition has been just as important throughout 2020. By the end of the year, 88% of our corporate website pages included environmental information. We are also harnessing the power of our packaging, working to incorporate sustainability information into our Nestlé Nutritional Compass.

88 %
30 +

A Cup of Respect: Championing producers and the planet with Nescafé

In 2018, Nescafé launched Grown Respectfully to highlight how we are helping coffee farmers build more resilient, responsible businesses.

Since then, we have shared this important message with millions of consumers across more than 30 markets. Communications outline and display the impact of activities, such as distributing coffee plantlets, bringing consumers closer to the people behind the products.

Grown Respectfully is just one part of Nescafé’s Cup of Respect initiative. Through online articles, the brand explains why it is important for consumers to make conscientious choices too ‒ from reducing plastic waste to making a more energy-efficient cup of coffee.

cup of respect

Vittel: A natural source of vitality

Our water brand Vittel is committed to preserving watersheds and withdrawing water in line with sustainable replenishment rates. In July 2020, Vittel unveiled a new brand identity: ‘a natural source of vitality’. The identity is accompanied by a renewed dedication to preserving nature in the Vosges region of France, where it sources its water.

To engage consumers in this new chapter of the brand story, a multimedia campaign was launched across France, Germany and Switzerland. A series of vibrant 30-second videos highlight the link between water quality and Vittel’s work to support local biodiversity, including the animals native to the region.