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Promoting sustainable consumption

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    Provide meaningful and accurate environmental information and dialogue
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Why it matters

Consumers want to act more sustainably. With our international scale and reach, we are ideally situated to provide product information that helps them do so. With direct access to millions of people across the world, we can use our products and platforms to encourage positive change in terms of recycling, energy efficiency and sustainable food choices on a global scale.


What we are doing

In 2019, we continued to increase the amount of environmental information that is available to consumers via our corporate website and developed a series of guides and stories to share advice on how to reduce food waste in the home. Read more about it in our 2019 progress report.

By 2020

Improve the availability and consistency of fact-based environmental information for consumers on our digital and other channels

Offering online guidance to cut waste in the home

We want to offer information and advice to our consumers in easy-to-follow, engaging ways. That is why we have developed a range of stories, advice and guides on how to live more sustainable lives. We understand how easy it is to forget about leftovers or to allow food to go off, but we want to equip our consumers with all the tips, tricks and knowledge they need to cut their personal food waste. That is why we have developed a list of 10 easy steps to tackle the problem.

Rolling out plant-based products for the planet

Seeing an increased demand from consumers for more plant-based products, our Garden Gourmet brand introduced two new options to its portfolio in 2019. The new Sensational Mince, available in several European countries, and an improved version of the Sensational Burger are made from a blend of soya and natural vegetable extracts. Read about the health benefits of our plant-based options.

The demand for plant-based foods is also increasing in our US markets, with Sweet Earth Foods launching the Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds in response. Made from yellow pea protein, the new burger, and the more versatile ground version, will offer all the protein, taste and texture of beef with all the environmental and health benefits of plant-based alternatives.

Highlighting the benefits of leftovers in Greece

We want to engage everyone on the topic of food waste. In Greece, this means showing consumers the benefit of leftovers through our Maggi Change Your Taste online video campaign. Bringing together six people, this social experiment was designed to show viewers how leftover food can be used to create delicious meals rather than just being something to throw away.

The Maggi campaign reached 2.5 million people through videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, resulting in a 12% increase in consumer consideration of our Maggi brand. With a video viewing rate of 56% and an ad recall rate of 67%, we know we’re having a positive impact on the opinions of consumers, encouraging them to explore recipes with leftover food.

Maggi was created to make delicious, balanced meals accessible to everyone, and the Change Your Taste campaign is an extension of this, encouraging consumers to get creative when it comes to leftovers.


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