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Health-promoting food environments


Our commitment

Partner for promoting healthy food environments


Retail businesses and food professionals have a unique opportunity to influence the products consumers buy and the meals they eat. We are harnessing this opportunity, as well as our own global presence, to encourage more nutritious choices.

Demonstrating our commitment

Good food decisions start in-store. As a founding member of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), we work with retailers and other key partners to reach more consumers as they shop. Since 2017, we have formed valuable alliances with over 100 retailers, manufacturers and stakeholder groups, promoting healthier consumer choices across 14 countries.

We are also helping to advance understanding about the importance of good nutrition in the out-of-home sector. Our Nestlé Professional LinkedIn page shares food service insights and healthy eating tips with over 118 000 people.

In addition, we work with the World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) to distribute valuable nutrition, health and wellness information, best practices and expertise to food professionals through our Nutripro magazine and training modules. Online Nutripro materials have been viewed over 55 000 times by chefs looking to expand their knowledge with sector insights and information about emerging food trends.

11000 +

International Chefs Day: Healthy Food for the Future

Every year, International Chefs Day is celebrated on October 20. This year we developed a virtual toolkit to enable the day to be continued online during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Through a range of digital resources, chefs engaged children on the impact food production and consumption can have on the environment. A child-friendly sustainability booklet helped to bring this year’s theme –Healthy Food for the Future – to life, reaching over 112 000 children.

International Chefs Day

The landscape of out-of-home nutrition in a post-pandemic world

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, no area of the food and beverage industry has been more impacted than the out-of-home sector. During this challenging time, we have stood by food professionals around the world, supporting them through our Always Open For You platform.

In 2020, we created a webinar series on nutrition, health and wellness, as well as a podcast about the future of nutrition in a post-pandemic world. This includes the role chefs will play in promoting healthy diets in the out-of-home environment. We also sponsor the ‘World on a Plate’ podcast and enable free education through weekly episodes, which have listeners in 104 countries. Together, these resources are publicly available to all chefs and culinary professionals, educational institutions and anyone who is interested all over the world through the Worldchefs website.

In September 2020, we released a new edition of the Nutripro magazine, titled ‘Open for Business’, to support food services during the COVID-19 pandemic. In it, we offered practical solutions to craft new customer experiences during and after the pandemic and adjust to the new reality and evolved customer expectations.

Planetpro: the next step in food professional education

We are embracing the opportunity to start more conversations on sustainable food. Our newly launched Planetpro magazine explores the vital role the food service industry can play in environmental protection. It helps food professionals identify ways to reduce their business footprint, with insights into emerging trends and best practices.

The first edition, ‘No Time to Waste’, was launched in August 2020. From unpacking ingredients to serving up delicious meals, it highlights waste-reduction opportunities at every stage of food preparation.

The Nestlé Professional team is passionate about serving the out-of-home industry, leveraging a unique global reach to develop nutrition knowledge and customized solutions that help customers delight their consumers. Our goal is to support the food service industry by sharing nutritional and environmental knowledge and ways to offer healthier, planet-positive options through easy, delicious and balanced recipes.

Ana Aragon NHW and Sustainability Manager, Nestlé Professional