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Health-promoting food environments

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    Partner for promoting healthy food environments

Why it matters

Knowledge of the importance of proper nutrition is on the rise globally. At the same time, greater accessibility and availability of nutritious products means the healthy choice is increasingly the easier one. We believe that we, and the wider food and beverage industry, have a role to play in supporting people to make informed choices to lead healthier lives.

Partnering with retailers represents an opportunity to inspire behavior change and promote healthier lives. Through offering brands and services that are good for consumers, their families and the planet, manufacturers and retailers can encourage more healthy and sustainable shopping patterns in consumers. 


What we are doing

In 2019, we collaborated with multiple retail partners through the Collaboration for Healthier Lives global program. We also engaged with industry professionals to bring nutrition information to millions of people. Read more about it in our 2019 progress report.

By 2020

Partner with retailers and food professionals to foster environments that promote healthier diets and lifestyles

Global Collaboration for Healthier Lives

In 2019, we contributed to nine country programs in support of the Consumer Goods Forum , partnering with retailers and other manufacturing companies in the food, personal care and hygiene sectors. We contributed products, services and information designed to promote healthy diets and lifestyles.

In October, Nestlé Mexico partnered with Walmart and 12 other food and non-food manufacturers to deliver a three-day wellness program  in 10 Walmart stores in Mexico City under the theme México Ponte Bien (Mexico Get Well). The initiative, supported by Boston Consulting Group and Mexicano Activos, marked the first step for Collaboration for Healthier Lives in Mexico to encourage consumers to make informed decisions for a more balanced lifestyle with a bigger focus on well-being. The in-store program involved nutritionists and other health professionals and addressed three key themes: nutrition education, healthier habits and active lifestyles.

In May 2019, Nestlé France partnered with Carrefour, Auchan, Metro, Elior and 12 other food and non-food manufacturers to launch the first ever industry Collaboration for Healthier Lives program in Lyon, France, under the theme On S’y Met (Let's Do It). Local authorities, along with INSEAD, Boston Consulting Group, the Institute of Commerce, the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel Industry (UMIH) and the Chefs of Lyon (Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaise) were among key stakeholders who supported the program. Through On S’y Met, a range of in-store, out-of-home and at-home activities were launched, designed to encourage healthier eating habits and healthier lifestyles.

LinkedIn Nutrition Professionals

With nutrition professionals increasingly using social media to access information on their industry, we are leveraging our global reach to share nutrition knowledge with a wider audience. Our Nestlé Professional LinkedIn page has over 84 000 followers, and we use this forum for sharing stories from our magazine NutriPro. Posting two to three times a week, we share stories on nutrition topics and advice from other food professionals that may interest a wide range of people, from culinary professionals to members of the public.

Using online platforms, we can then analyze our readership to determine in which demographics we can have the most impact and which areas of healthy living are most important to our audience.

Nutrition for Professionals

Another way to connect with professionals is through our educational program, NutriPro (Nutrition for Professionals). NutriPro covers a variety of topics that are of particular interest to the culinary community, such as salt and sugar intake, portion control and plant-based alternatives. Through a magazine and training module, professional chefs receive handy tips and information on nutrition, health and wellness.

World Chefs Academy

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