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Promoting healthy behaviors in children

  • Our commitment
    Empower parents, caregivers and teachers to foster healthy behaviors in children
    Kids learning while painting

Why it matters

Adopting good nutrition and exercise practices from an early age gives children a better chance of growing up to be fit and healthy. Malnutrition continues to grow as an issue on a global scale: more than 340 million children and teenagers are overweight or obese (WHO), and many others suffer from under-nutrition.

We bring together current public health data with findings from Nestlé research to create products and offer services that support the healthy growth of children.


What we are doing

Through increased efforts, in 2019, we supported 27.2 million children through the program in over 84 countries around the world. Read more about it in our 2019 progress report.

By 2020

Support 50 million children through our nutrition education and behavior change programs, an important milestone toward our wider 2030 ambition

Demonstrating our commitment

Adopting a fruit or vegetable in Argentina

To encourage children across Argentina to eat more fruits and vegetables, Nestlé partnered with Carrefour to launch the Adopt a Fruit, Adopt a Vegetable scheme. The program is part of our wider Nestlé for Healthier Kids initiative, which aims to help 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030.

During the program, when consumers purchase a Nestlé product, they are offered fresh fruit or vegetables. The scheme aims to encourage parents to add more fruit and vegetables to their children’s diet by creating healthy breakfasts, meals or snacks. Following the success of the initiative, plans are now underway to roll it out in different markets and with other retailers.

Inspiring parents and children to cook together

Part of our Nestlé for Healthier Kids commitment is to inspire children to pursue healthier eating and lifestyle habits. Children who cook together with their parents are more likely to eat healthier foods. That’s why Nestlé for Healthier Kids focuses its communication strategy on raising awareness of the benefits of preparing breakfast, meals or lunch boxes together with children. Nestlé brands also encourage cooking together through nutritious products and services. Maggi has developed a series of cooking classes, online recipes and tips to encourage families to cook healthier and together.

In Thailand, a cooking club (Mum and Me) facilitates the transfer of cooking knowledge from mothers to children, encouraging children to adopt long-term healthy eating habits that stay with them as they grow.

In November 2019, #CookTogether, a social media campaign launched by Nestlé for Healthier Kids, reached over 100 million parents through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. Beyond highlighting the benefits of cooking together with their children, it also provided scientific rationales and simple tips on how to get kids involved in meal preparation.


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