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Offering portion guidance

portion guidance

Our commitment

Offering guidance on portions for our products


How much people eat can be just as important as what they eat. That is why we have long been committed to providing easy-to-understand portion information on our products.

Demonstrating our commitment

The Nestlé Portion Guidance initiative was established to help consumers understand what appropriate portions of our products look like. Since we began displaying this guidance on our packaging in 2013, we have steadily increased the number of products on which it appears. Currently, 64.2% of our products display this valuable information.

We believe portion guidance should be as intuitive and accessible as possible. In Brazil, we have updated the Nutrition, Health and Wellness section of our corporate website to include reference articles on adequate portions for different product categories. Interactive calculators show consumers the nutritional impact of the food and portion choices they are making.

64.2 %

Providing pre-portioned superfood drinks with nesQino

We are bringing personalized superfood drinks to consumers in single-serve form with the launch of our new nesQino brand.

People can choose from a range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, roots, microalgae and probiotics, tailoring the drink to their personal requirements.

A specially designed cup blends everything together, while the smartphone app lets people choose whether they want to enjoy their drink hot or cold. Consumers can also explore recipes and nutritional information to identify the perfect, all-natural combination.


nesQino is a new, personalized solution that allows consumers to create healthy drinks that match their lifestyle and needs. The pre-portioned sachets are designed by creative nutritionists who blended the most nourishing and tasty ingredients, so that people just have to choose their combination and enjoy a perfectly balanced hot or ambient beverage in just two minutes.

Marisol Giacomelli Global Category Leader, Nestlé


Pushing for better portion guidance in Australia

In 2019, we began chairing the Industry Best Practice Guide Working Group in Australia, as part of the Australian Government’s Healthy Food Partnership. The aim of the group is simple: empower the food industry to align and implement standardized serving sizes for each food category.
The working group is developing an Industry Best Practice Guide to support and inspire the broader food industry. Throughout 2020, the working group undertook an analysis of current policies and data to better understand how effective potential strategies could be.

Draft recommendations have been developed, with the aim of launching a new strategy to guide serving recommendations in both the retail and out-of-home sectors by the end of 2021.