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Nutrition can be used to help prevent and, in some cases, treat or prevent disease. Some conditions, like obesity, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s, have common physiological factors that can be affected and addressed by nutrition. Through our global network of research centers, our scientists are discovering more about how people eat, and how Nestlé’s foods and beverages can help those with food-related medical conditions.

Creating shared value...

For society

As we learn more about the links between nutrition and disease, we can help advance society’s understanding of how to treat or prevent some conditions.

For our business

Staying at the cutting edge of nutritional science enables us to create better products that will also contribute to the health and wellbeing of our consumers.

Why it matters

The foods and beverages babies and children consume play a vital role in shaping their future health and development, both mentally and physically. In the same way, what we consume as adults can influence our health later in life. However, many babies, children and adults worldwide suffer from under-nutrition or over-nutrition, with potentially serious consequences, both for themselves and for society. By understanding more about these issues, we can develop products that help consumers of all ages to enjoy healthier, more nutritious diets.

Our contribution

Through our global network of research and development centers, we study everything from maternal and children’s health, to healthy aging, to pet care. We take a holistic approach that focuses on nutrition and physical activity, and their combined impact on health. This includes expanding our personalized nutrition work, which enables consumers to find the right nutritional solutions for their particular circumstances. Our work is helping us build a deep understanding of nutritional science and develop products that enable us to fulfil our purpose: unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.

Today, we have the most advanced science and innovation network in the food industry, with 23 R&D locations and more than 3900 employees. In 2019, we invested CHF 1.7 billion in our research activities. We also collaborate with leading universities, research organizations, start-ups and other innovation partners. These partnerships help us widen our scope by generating new ideas that can help us address key public health challenges and much more.

We also continue to engage with, and support, healthcare and nutritional professionals around the world, providing training, disseminating information and learning, and facilitating the sharing of best practice.

Our work on inspiring people to lead healthier lives contributes to SDGs 2, 3, 10 and 17.

SDGs 2, 3, 10 and 17

How we map our material issues to the UN SDGs and their targets (pdf, 600Kb).

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