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Creating shared value

For society

As we learn more about the links between nutrition and disease, we can help advance society’s understanding of how to treat – and even prevent – some conditions.

For our business

Staying at the cutting edge of nutritional science enables us to create innovative products that more consumers trust and use.

Why it matters

As we grow and age, our nutritional needs change. The more we at Nestlé understand what those needs are, the better equipped we are to help people manage their health throughout their lives.

For decades, Nestlé has been supporting innovative research and development (R&D) that enables us to create nutritional solutions for different life stages. This ensures we have solid scientific foundations for unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone today, and for generations to come.

Building, applying and sharing nutrition knowledge

400000 +


Demonstrating our commitment

Our research and partnerships have made vital contributions to global nutrition science. We have used our learnings to develop popular products that support different health needs for every life stage ‒ from infants to seniors.

Nestlé has been putting science into products for nearly 150 years. Through our ground-breaking research, we can provide people with science-based nutrition and services that meet the unique needs of mothers, infants and children, for healthy aging and providing solutions for pets.

Petra Klassen Scientific Advisor, Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Nestlé R&D


Our contribution to the UN SDGs

Our work on building, applying and sharing nutrition knowledge contributes to the following SDGs:


How we map our material issues to the UN SDGs.