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Enhancing biomedical science

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Our commitment

Build biomedical science leading to health-promoting products, personalized nutrition and digital solutions


Biomedical science enables us to understand, treat and help prevent disease at all life stages. Our work also gives us a deep understanding of the role nutrition, together with genetics, family history, environment and lifestyle, play in health and well-being.

Demonstrating our commitment

We translate our research into science-based interventions for different populations, covering areas such as metabolism, gastrointestinal and brain health, and healthy aging.

We explore personalized and targeted nutritional products and solutions across different life stages and specific health conditions – and even for pets.

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Creating science-based solutions for healthy aging

Helping people globally enjoy a high quality of life throughout their life is a big part of why we do what we do. Our scientists have been exploring ways to restore cellular health with nutrition and promote healthy aging for many years.

Our newly launched Celltrient Cellular Nutrition solutions target deep inside cells to help renew key natural processes that can decline as we age. The product comes in drink mix or capsule form and is part of a new generation of solutions to target the key drivers of aging.

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Nestlé has long conducted research into human and pet microbiomes, as well as the impact of nutrition on the microbiome. This has led to important breakthroughs in understanding how the microbiome changes with age and the development of nutritional solutions, covering the full lifespan from early life to aging.

Nashmil Emami-Billard R&D Program Manager for Microbiome Research Group, Nestlé


Giving caregivers the tools to support better childhood nutrition

Beyond our products, we are continuously exploring new ways to help caregivers make the best nutritional choices for their child’s development. In the Philippines, our Bear Brand range of affordable, fortified foods and beverages launched a new digital nutrition assessment tool, the Tibay calculator. This tool, the result of a collaboration between the National Food and Nutrition Research Institute and Nestlé Research scientists, helps parents understand the quality and diversity of their child’s diet. Based on an algorithm that is designed to calculate diet diversity scores, the Tibay calculator identifies nutrient insufficiencies in the diets of 6 to 12-year-olds and makes food and product recommendations. Parents can then use this information to help them make nutritional choices that will close the gaps and give their kids a diverse, healthy diet.

Creating solutions for mild cognitive impairment

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) affects 12–21% of individuals age 60 and older. The disruptive symptoms of this condition include memory loss, forgetfulness and a decline in decision-making ability and judgment.

In 2020, we launched BrainXpert, a ground-breaking ketogenic drink that is clinically proven to support brain function in people with MCI. A study showed that BrainXpert is effective in reducing symptoms, leading to a significant improvement in participants’ cognitive abilities. These results give new hope to people with MCI.

Offering personalized nutrition solutions

In 2020, Nestlé Health Science’s personalized vitamin subscription service, Persona Nutrition, expanded its operations and reach. Its online assessment that creates personalized nutritional recommendations is now available to meet the unique needs and lifestyle goals of people in more than 160 countries. To receive advice unique to their own health needs, users can receive doctor-approved recommendations and access online advice from nutritionists.