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Our culture of business ethics and integrity

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Our commitment

Enhance a culture of integrity across the organization



A robust business must be built on strong ethics and operate with integrity. Compliance – with local laws and regulators; and with our own best practice standards – is fundamental to who we are.

Demonstrating our commitment

We have invested heavily in helping our employees understand why compliance matters. We are also strengthening our due diligence and compliance processes to foster that same understanding in stakeholders all along our value chain.

To nurture a culture of common values across our diverse company, we use cutting-edge technology. We have implemented a host of new automated tools that centralize reporting on mandatory training courses, compliance maturity and results from CARE, our compliance audit program. These changes will make it easier for us to collect and analyze vital organizational data through significantly more streamlined processes.

We have also enhanced our grievance reporting mechanisms, combining both internal and external platforms into one global reporting system to help us more rapidly respond to serious allegations.

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Updating our Corporate Business Principles

Society is constantly evolving. As it does so, people demand more of businesses. That's why, in July 2020, we launched our updated Corporate Business Principles (CBP). The new, reorganized CBP ensure that the actions we expect from employees are clear.

The revised Principles were shared across the company through an internal digital communication campaign in July 2020. This was accompanied by mandatory training and a tailored local communication plan in key markets.

With the CBP now rolled out across the company, we are reinforcing the importance of adhering to ethical values across our organization.

Culture of Business

Nestlé has constantly sought to improve its ethical program by amending question sets in line with new risks and opportunities. Nestlé seeks feedback not only internally but also externally to ensure appropriate angles are covered. The company has continued with its ethical responsibilities in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that remote auditing has been utilized where on-site validations are not possible. They make quick decisions to continue down the correct path and adapt with ease to the ever-changing conditions and obstacles.

Monica Beau Director Certification & Food S&W Europe, Managing Director Germany, Bureau Veritas Service

Intertek has been supporting Nestlé with its CARE program for over four years and during that time assessed many of the sites owned or operated by Nestlé. The CARE program covers seven pillars - Conditions of Work and Employment, Business Integrity, Safety & Health, Environmental Sustainability, Security, Local Communities and Labor Accommodation. It supports compliance and sustainable improvement within Nestlé's global operations. Intertek believes this progressive approach toward sustainability and human rights has helped Nestlé identify risks and opportunities that can help improve its business, competitiveness and employee wellbeing. We are pleased to be a partner of Nestlé on this important program.

Emöke Muzs Client Manager, Intertek, Supplier Management & Business Assurance