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Grievance mechanisms and remediation

  • Our commitment
    Provide effective grievance mechanisms to employees and stakeholders
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Why it matters

To uphold mutual trust and respect and ensure a sustainable supply chain, it is essential that employees and other stakeholders have access to safe, effective grievance mechanisms. These mechanisms must ensure remediation for any violations that are substantiated.


What we are doing

In 2019, we performed a major review of our external and internal grievance mechanisms to understand the overall effectiveness of the systems. We have implemented action plans where areas for improvement were identified. Read more about it in our 2019 progress report.

By 2019

Review grievance systems’ effectiveness with internal and external stakeholders to define improvement opportunities

By 2020

Grievance systems improvements implemented in pilot markets

Our approach to grievance mechanisms

We have effective reporting mechanisms for all stakeholders to report grievances and compliance breaches.

Measuring our Nestlé Integrity Reporting System in numbers

The Nestlé Integrity Reporting System (NIRS) is our internal reporting system. In 2019, we received 1740 messages, as detailed in our NIRS reporting table.

Our robust system means that 1496 (86%) cases were closed and 474 (31%) substantiated. As a result, 135 employees left the company, there were 19 written warnings, and 17 suppliers’ services were terminated. Where appropriate, other measures, such as internal process improvement and reinforcement, were carried out.

Number of messages received through our Nestle Integrity Reporting System in 2019, by issue type (% of total)


Type of issue Number of messages received in 2019
Abuse of power and/or mobbing/bullying 427
Labor practices 404
Discrimination and harassment 245
Private-to-private bribery 42
Other allegations 622


Listening to stakeholders

Tell us is our reporting mechanism for all external stakeholders. In 2019, we received 1178 messages via Tell us across categories such as labor practices, fraud, safety, and quality. As a result of our investigations, four warning letters were issued, six employees left the company, and one contractor employee and five service providers had their services terminated.

Number of messages received through our Nestle Tell us channel in 2019, by issues type (% of total)



Type of issue Number of messages received in 2019
HR-related matters* 210
Fraud cases 68
Compliance by our suppliers and other business partners 43
Safety and health 42
Conflict of interest 26
Data privacy, cyber security, IP infringement 21
Environmental suggestions 15
WHO Code related concerns 7
Seeking advice 7
Harassment 6
Private-to-private bribery 6
Sexual harassment 4
Other general concerns 723

*Labor practices, abuse of power and/or mobbing/bullying, moral harassment, workplace respect, and inclusion and diversity

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