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Delivering impact through Farmer Connect


Our commitment

Improve farm economics among the farmers who supply us


We work closely with many different farmers to source the raw materials we need for our products. By supporting farmers to improve their economic stability, we will help make farming more attractive to the younger generation, safeguarding future agriculture and food production.

Demonstrating our commitment

In 2015, we published our Rural Development Framework (pdf, 2Mb), which guides our work to improve farm economics in seven priority locations. Meeting our commitment is the culmination of many years of focused collaboration and effort, including through our Farmer Connect program, which trains and retrains hundreds of thousands of farmers in sustainable practices every year.

We see this work as an ongoing task. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have accelerated plans to move farmer engagement and support onto mobile platforms, where possible, ensuring we can reach a broader group of farmers and scale the impact of our work.

Another way we are helping secure the vital next generation of farmers is by identifying and training young people in the sector to develop as agripreneurs. We have spent several years supporting these promising talents and spreading regenerative agriculture skills, and will leverage this work to help support Nestlé’s ambition to reach net zero emissions by 2050.


Meeting our net zero pledge with farmers

In 2020, we launched our Net Zero Roadmap, detailing how we will reach our ambitious net zero commitment. One of the key pillars of our strategy is to work with farmers to grow the practice of regenerative agriculture.

Throughout our raw materials supply chains, we will continue to develop skilled, resilient agripreneurs and future-fit farmers able to combine productivity with environmental sustainability. Collaborating with these talented and passionate suppliers, we will build on their knowledge and experience to help create more net zero farms by 2050. This has been kicked off by the launch of the Skimmelkrans Net Zero Carbon Emissions Project in South Africa, which aims to create a net zero dairy farm by 2023.

We are targeting our efforts, focusing on cutting methane emissions, helping farmers access innovative technologies and encouraging the implementation of more efficient soil, herd and land management techniques.

Our work will help the more than 600 000 farmers who supply us with ingredients to adopt sustainable practices and enhance livelihoods.

farmer in a field

For years, our Farmer Connect and Agripreneurship program has nurtured the next generation of farmers through greater access to skills, support and markets. In the wake of launching our new Net Zero Roadmap, we will be creating exciting new opportunities for agripreneurs to help tackle one of the world’s greatest challenges. Together we will explore and implement innovative ways to transform agriculture and meet our zero emissions commitment.

Pascal Chapot Group Head of Agriculture