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Simplifying ingredient lists

  • Our commitment
    Simplify our ingredient lists and remove artificial colors
    Ingredients for pasta

Why it matters

Increasingly, people want to know what is in the foods and beverages they consume – and whether the ingredients are nutritious, fit into a healthy lifestyle and are sustainably sourced and manufactured. We can meet these expectations by being clear: about what our products contain, how we express this on packs and by getting rid of ingredients that may be unfamiliar to consumers.


What we are doing

As of 2019, just 1.67% by weight of the colorants used in our food and beverages is defined as artificial. We launched several products in 2019 with simplified ingredient lists, using natural ingredients that consumers know and love. Read more about it in our 2019 progress report.

By 2020

Continue removing unfamiliar ingredients

By 2020

Remove all artificial colors from our products*

* This objective does not currently apply to our pet food products

Demonstrating our commitment

Launching a simplified, natural cocoa powder in Europe

Launched in 2019, Nesquik All Natural Powder offers a cocoa beverage with a simplified ingredient list, containing just five natural ingredients. The powder also has less sugar than the classic Nesquik powder and uses raw cane sugar rather than processed white sugar. In addition to offering natural, simplified ingredients, the powder also comes in a recyclable paper packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Initially launched in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain, with further European launches to follow, Nesquik All Natural Powder has received the ‘Product of the Year – Silver award’ from Lebensmittel Praxis, one of Germany’s leading specialist magazines for retailers.


Reformulating Maggi soup in Russia

With the move to healthier lifestyles encouraging consumers to look for more clearly ‘natural’ products, as well as greater sustainability, we reformulated our Maggi Cook-Up Stars soup by removing taste enhancers and palm oil. The soup now has more vegetables, herbs and spices and is cooked using a traditional recipe. All flavors are natural, resulting in a soup with a great, home-made taste. Consumers agree, with 74% preferring the reformulated soup to main competitor products.

Providing familiar ingredients in China

Urban consumers in China want products that have simple, familiar ingredients that enable them to cook healthy, delicious meals. In response, we have launched Authentic Xian Granulated Chicken Bouillon. The product uses familiar ingredients such as fermented corn, mushroom powder, onion and garlic. It also includes fresh chicken meat and provides a natural, authentic Xian taste. The product’s success enabled us to reach a new consumer group in China.

Clean label coffees in the UK

In 2019, Nescafé launched the first ever soluble, plant-based latte range in the UK. The range includes three variants, almond, coconut and oat, all of which are non-dairy and vegan. Instead of the usual beverage additives, the recipes contain ingredients such as plant proteins, sunflower lecithin or calcium carbonate. This innovation was enabled through our scientific expertise on plant proteins.

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