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Simplifying ingredient lists

Ingredients for pasta

Our commitment

Simplify our ingredient lists and remove artificial colors


Food plays a big part in how people choose to look after themselves and their families. Consumers are increasingly demanding that the products they buy have recognizable ingredients with more natural formulations that are easy to understand and trust.

Demonstrating our commitment

Since developing our commitment, we have launched many new products with simplified ingredient lists. In 2020, these included Nesquik, Maggi, La Lechera, Nescafé and Starbucks.

Only 1% by weight of all colorants used in our foods and beverages is defined as artificial – a considerable achievement given the size of our portfolio.

1 %
1 st

Coloring Smarties with natural ingredients

In 2020, we achieved the removal of artificial colors from Smarties in our remaining producing markets of Australia, Canada and South Africa.

The artificial colors have been replaced with natural ingredients from foods that provide color properties, such as sweet potato, spirulina, turmeric and beetroot.

Our Smarties block products are now also sold in a coated paper that is widely recyclable. The paper can be used on high-speed production lines previously designed for plastic or laminate packaging. This has enabled us to scale it up for wider use and continue making our products more sustainable.

Smarties in recyclable paper packaging

Making simpler chocolate

At Nestlé, we are always looking for new ways to simplify ingredient lists in line with evolving consumer expectations. As part of this, we explored whether chocolate, which is usually made of multiple ingredients, could be made from the cocoa fruit alone. This is how our KitKat Chocolatory Cacao Fruit Chocolate was born.

The cocoa fruit contains beans and a pulp that is soft, sweet and white in color. Traditionally, some of the pulp is used to ferment beans after they are harvested. The majority, however, is removed and discarded. This means that the potential value of the pulp has been lost – until now.

Our innovative new product is the first to use just the beans and pulp of the cocoa tree’s fruit as the only ingredients. The pulp naturally sweetens the chocolate, eliminating the need for refined sugar. The KitKat Chocolatory Cacao Fruit Chocolate was launched in 2019 through our KitKat Chocolatory in Japan, followed by Australia and Brazil in 2020.

In 2021, we will significantly expand the range of products offering this manufacturing technique.


Removing ingredients from products that people already love is never easy ‒ as they have very specific expectations of the taste and experience. Through our extensive R&D expertise and proprietary technologies, we can simplify ingredient lists and still meet these expectations.

Philippe Rousset Global R&D Clean Label Network Leader, Nestlé