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Launching more nutritious products

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Our commitment

Launch more foods and beverages that are nutritious, especially for mothers-to-be, new mothers, infants and children


While healthy food is essential for good childhood development, finding nutritious options that children love can be difficult. Nestlé supports parents by offering tasty products that address key nutritional needs in children and new mothers.

Demonstrating our commitment

We have launched multiple innovations that give children more nutritious choices, many of them fortified with essential micronutrients. From delicious plant-based options for favorites such as Nesquik to a range of organic products with natural ingredients, it is now easier than ever for parents to find good food kids love.

In 2020, we launched 1210 new options as part of our mission to make healthier products that are accessible and enjoyable. Many of our new and reformulated products have been developed using research from the Nestlé Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS) and the Kids Nutrition and Health Study (KNHS). By combining our findings with our global reach, we have been able to help millions of children across the world lead healthier, happier lives.

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Offering innovative alternatives with plant-based beverages

In 2020, we released two plant-based versions of some of our most popular drinks.

First we launched a vegan version of Milo in Australia. The new formulation replaces milk powder with soy and oats while keeping the core ingredients of malt, barley and cocoa that give Milo its popular choc-malt taste. This new innovation comes just a year after we released a stevia-sweetened version of Milo in Australia to cut down on sugar.

We also launched Nesquik Go Vegetal in Europe, a new ready-to-drink plant-based version of our popular Nesquik chocolate milk.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, it is lower in sugar than the original version and contains an oat and pea blend to support kids’ growth with high-quality proteins. Naturally lactose-free, Nesquik Go Vegetal has also been certified by The Vegan Society.

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Launching Lactogen in Pakistan

Child under-nutrition is endemic in Pakistan, where 37% of children under 5 years of age are stunted.

To help combat this, we launched Lactogen Essentials in Pakistan in 2020. Lactogen Essentials is a 100% lactose-based formula fortified with iron, zinc and Vitamins A and D. The product has no added sucrose and has been reformulated to be 18% more affordable than the regular range, making it accessible to a greater number of mothers.


Providing affordable nutrition in Africa

In 2020, we began offering our Nestlé Cerevita Instant Sour Porridge for Southeast African consumers.

Made with whole grains and cereals, the porridge cost about 20-25% less than similar locally available products at its launch. It is also fortified with key vitamins, fiber and protein to help tackle local nutritional challenges.

Cerevita Instant Sour Porridge is the result of a highly effective collaboration between our scientists at Nestlé’s Research and Development (R&D) Center in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, and cross-functional teams from Southeast African markets. Using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, our regional teams used our technological capabilities and expertise to deliver an affordable product that both fits local preferences and meets nutritional requirements.

Investing in science is key to developing the right solutions for the critical childhood development period. Nestlé has been addressing this through innovation for a long time. I feel fortunate to be able to contribute to projects that provide solutions while also giving people products they truly enjoy. It is wonderful to play a part in formulating and reformulating foods that can support good nutrition for children.

Marie Claire Fichot Head of Health Benefit Office, Nestlé Dairy Strategic Business Unit