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Adding vegetables, fibers and whole grains

A group of vegetables

Our commitment

Increase vegetables, fiber-rich grains, pulses, nuts and seeds in our foods and beverages


Many people are not getting enough vegetables, pulses, nuts, fibers and whole grains in their diets. We are working to increase the quantity of these ingredients in great tasting products that are easily accessible.

Demonstrating our commitment

We are continuously reformulating our products to add nutritious ingredients. Every year, we include billions of portions of vegetables in products as well as other healthy ingredients such as nuts and seeds. We are also deeply invested in getting more whole grains into diets globally.

We are proud that every Nestlé cereals product with a green banner has at least 8 g of whole grain per serving. What’s more, whole grain is the main ingredient in more than 85% of the recipes in our cereals portfolio.

To meet the demand for products that are better for people and planet, we have launched several plant-based options, such as the Garden Gourmet brand’s Sensational Burger in Europe, plant-based Milo in Australia and Vuna, our vegan tuna alternative, in Switzerland.

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403 million
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Promoting whole grains

Whole grains are a core element of a healthy diet. Despite their importance, many people remain unaware of their value and do not consume enough of them. That is why we have made them a key ingredient in many of our cereals.

We are proud supporters of the Whole Grain Initiative (WGI), a leading collaboration of organizations that aims to increase how much whole grain people eat globally. The WGI supports and drives the important goals outlined in the Vienna Whole Grain Declaration (pdf, 256Kb), which was launched in 2017.

To further raise awareness, we supported International Whole Grain Day with a month-long social media campaign. The campaign aimed at inspiring and educating more people on how to increase their whole grain intake.

We have developed deep insights into consumer attitudes to whole grains and are passionate about helping to increase intakes. It’s very important to join forces through partnerships and Nestlé plays an active role as a member of the Whole Grain Initiative. By reformulating products, we can help to promote whole grains as part of a healthy and sustainable diet.

Ece Nevra Durukan Head of Global Nutrition, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at Cereal Partners Worldwide (Nestlé & General Mills)