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Adding vegetables, fiber and whole grains

Why it matters

Our studies show that many people, especially children, may not consume enough sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, found in food such as vegetables, grains, bran, pulses, nuts and seeds. This can impact their growth, development and health.

There is also a lack of awareness and understanding among consumers of the importance of these vital ingredients. In some cases, Nestlé products can be one of the leading sources of whole grain intake. It is important that we continue to encourage greater consumption of nutrient-rich foods. Through activities such as our participation in the global Whole Grain Initiative, we are helping to increase consumer awareness of the importance of whole grains and promote their consumption.


What we are doing

In 2019, we met our 2020 commitment to add 750 million portions of vegetables and 300 million portions of nutrient-rich grains, pulses and bran to our products. We also added more fiber and whole grain to our breakfast cereals. Read more about it in our 2019 progress report.

By 2020

Add to our products at least 750 million portions of vegetables, 300 million portions* of nutrient-rich grains, pulses and bran, and more nuts and seeds

By 2020

In addition to whole grain already being the main ingredient in our ready-to-eat breakfast cereals for children and teenagers, all our Nestlé-branded cereals that carry Green Banner will be a source of fiber** and made with whole grain***

* A portion of fiber-rich grains is the amount of grain product (variable, depending on the type of grain, type of product, etc.) that contains 16 g of whole grains
** All products that carry 3 g or more of fiber per 100 g on pack nutrition table
*** Having a minimum of 8 g of whole grain per serving

Demonstrating our commitment

Enhancing foods and promoting healthy eating

Our Food Strategic Business Unit (SBU) continues to enhance our Maggi products. Maggi ingredients are used in the preparation of around 15 000 food portions every second around the world, with an estimated 180 tons of fresh ingredients added to meals each minute.

In line with our commitment, we are also increasing plant-based ingredients across our entire portfolio, including our Vegetarian Meal Solutions through our Garden Gourmet and Sweet Earth brands, and our frozen and chilled range.

Through our Taste ’n’ Balance strategy, we focus on delivering additional vegetables and fiber-rich grains to help parents and caregivers meet the challenge of preparing meals for their kids with healthy vegetable content and variety. Our plant-based protein solutions also offer healthy alternatives to meat. All of this is complemented by a range of online recipes for consumers.

In 2019, Nestlé Professional published a special All About Balance edition of our NutriPro magazine. All About Balance was designed to help professional chefs address the increasing pressures from health authorities and regulators, media and consumer demand to provide healthier choices, without compromising on experience. The edition comprised a magazine, training module, videos and articles that were shared on social media and the Nestlé Professional website (pdf, 4Mb).


Serving up more fiber for children in Europe

With children in Europe falling below recommendations on dietary fiber intake, our Dairy SBU launched Nesquik All Natural Porridge in 2019 to provide an oats-based source of fiber at breakfast time. The porridge is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains at least 70% oats through a mix of oat flakes and oat bran. It also contains wheat and cocoa, with no artificial flavors.

The porridge has less than 5 g of sugars per serving (12.3 g per 100 g) and is aligned with World Health Organization (WHO) nutrition recommendations. Consumed with milk, a serving contains up to 6 g of additional sugars from the lactose naturally present in milk. Launched in Germany in July, the porridge is being rolled out to more European markets, including Portugal, Poland, Greece, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Participating in the Whole Grain Initiative

Along with international health organizations, industry peers and other partners, we participate in the Whole Grain Initiative, a global scheme to increase consumer awareness of the importance of whole grains and promote greater consumption of them.

In collaboration with the Whole Grain Initiative, Nestlé and Cereal Partners Worldwide  actively supported the inaugural International Whole Grain Day, held on November 19, 2019, aiming to highlight the positive impact of whole grain on nutrition, well-being and sustainability.

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