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Improving water efficiency

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Our commitment

Work to achieve water efficiency and sustainability across our operations


Water is fundamental to our operations and is also a vital resource for everyone globally. We put water preservation at the heart of our efforts to build a more efficient business.

Demonstrating our commitment

Sustainable water use has long been a priority for us, even before we set out our commitments. As such, we were already operating efficiently when we established our official objectives several years ago. We still have some work to do to achieve these ambitious targets, so we are developing increasingly innovative solutions to close the gap between our existing water withdrawal rate and our ambitious 35% target.

By the end of 2020, we achieved a 32% reduction in direct water withdrawals per tonne of product over 10 years. To reduce this further, we must understand where our remaining inefficiencies lie. Our Water Resource Reviews show us how water is currently managed across our sites. We performed two reviews in 2020, bringing the total to 34 reviews across our global facilities since the beginning of the commitment period, providing valuable insights which inform improvement plans. 

32 %
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Safeguarding water with real-time insights

We want to ensure we are always using water in the most efficient ways possible. That is why, in 2019, we began installing Aquassay technology in our factories to monitor water from source through to discharge.

The technology, which helps factory managers highlight areas for improvement in real time, has now been fully deployed at 10 sites. Additionally, 21 facilities are in the implementation phase, with 15 more scheduled to install Aquassay throughout 2021.

Reducing direct water withdrawals has been a key priority for Nestlé for decades, and we are proud of what we have achieved across all our markets. We are particularly inspired by our results in Spain. Through concerted efforts and continuous improvements, our Spanish market has achieved a 57% reduction in direct water withdrawals in just 10 years, far beyond our company-wide objective.

Arnau Pi Sustainability Manager, Nestlé Spain