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Responsibly sourcing our raw materials

Our responsible sourcing strategy

Our responsible sourcing strategy is guided by our Responsible Sourcing Standard (pdf, 2.5Mb). This covers all our sourcing, whether directly through our Farmer Connect program or through our Procurement department.

Where we source our supplies

Through Farmer Connect, we source directly from more than 600 000 farmers to purchase coffee, cocoa and milk. We also provide training and support to farmers, most of whom are rural smallholders in developing countries. Sourcing staff carry out regular farm visits and assessments against our Responsible Sourcing Standard requirements.

The remainder of our supplies and all our other raw materials are sourced through our Procurement department. Procurement activities include regular auditing of all our direct suppliers against the Responsible Sourcing Standard. In addition, we have identified 14 raw materials that may present higher environmental and/or social risk. Those risks are addressed through our responsible sourcing program. The first requirement is to conduct a mapping of our upstream supply chains with our direct suppliers and carry out farm assessments with partner organizations such as ProForest and Earthworm Foundation.

Watch our video to find out more about our responsible sourcing at Nestlé

Our 14 raw materials