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For our shareholders and society

We believe that if we want to be successful in the long term, we must create value for our shareholders and society while also protecting the planet.

As we tackle the global impacts of climate change, a global pandemic and economic downturn, the need to deliver solutions that meet people’s needs, address society’s challenges and generate economic value has never been more important. That is why Creating Shared Value drives everything we do.

The business case for Creating Shared Value

Creating Shared Value is about sustainably delivering on shareholder expectations while helping to address global societal challenges. When we achieve this, we become a force for good that enhances the quality of life for everyone.

Behind this vision is a unique purpose that drives us: to unlock the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. We work to meet this by focusing on three interconnected impact areas: the individuals and families who place their trust in our products and brands, the communities where we operate and the planet that provides our raw materials. Our long-term ambitions are:

  • For individuals and families, to help 50 million children lead healthier lives.
  • For our communities, to improve 30 million livelihoods in communities directly connected to our business activities.
  • For the planet, to strive for zero environmental impact in our operations.

In order to achieve these ambitions, we established a series of public commitments that we have been working toward across our business. We have been reporting on our progress every year, with 2020 marking the final year for most of our commitments.

Our approach: the details