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Former members of the Board of Directors

List of former Board members whose term ended in the last five years:

Former Board member End of term
Henri de Castries 2024
Kimberly A. Ross 2024
Eva Cheng 2023
Ann M. Veneman 2022
Kasper Rorsted 2022
Ursula M. Burns 2021
Beat Hess 2020
Ruth Khasaya Oniang'o (pdf, 100Kb) 2019
Jean-Pierre Roth (pdf, 100Kb) 2019
Steven George Hoch (pdf, 100Kb) 2018
Andreas Koopmann (pdf, 100Kb) 2018
Naïna Lal Kidwai (pdf, 100Kb) 2018

Biographies as at 31 December of the year preceding their end of term.